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Top 5 Python Frameworks and Their Importance

Using a web framework helps eliminate the problems that come with sockets, protocols, and other things. In the current world, we have plenty of web frameworks bringing different advantages to the developers. However, there is no perfect framework to work with. But the selection of web frameworks depends on the needs and your requirement. So, many people use Python frameworks for developing the applications because it fulfills all developers’ need regardless of their mastery level over the language. 

1. Flask

By using Flask, the developers can create unlimited unique web applications using Python. This framework is more suitable for developers who want to apply the best practices and develop quick prototypes and stand-alone applications with minimal time. Since it is a Micro Frame, it takes very little time for setup & installation. Along with this, you can observe minimal abstraction between HTTP functions and you. In most Python Programming for Beginners, it covers the usage and application of the Flask framework. By using the specific extensions allows the developers to create flexible and modular designs. It will enable the integrated unit testing, HTTP request handling, and houses for other cool features. 


It is one of the most used high-level and python-based frameworks, which is popular among the developers, and without a doubt, it will remain relevant for several years. If you want to build varieties of web applications and services, Django is the ideal choice since it gives a straightforward and rapid way to design and create applications. By default, it includes essential features, so you no need to use the isolated libraries in most cases. Most importantly, it is an open-source framework and helps to create applications with short and clean coding. The reason it is used by most is that it is a perfect solution for large organizations and e-commerce sites. Django’s best feature is the ORM (Object Relational Mapper); it helps map the objects to the database. 


TurboGears is designed to take out the limitations of other frameworks from the equation. If you are looking for a perfect framework to build varieties of data-driven apps, TurboGears is the right choice for you. It is also an open-source framework and facilitates the developers to build applications with minimum setup and great support of several databases, horizontal data positioning, and data exchange formats. It comes with plenty of user-friendly features such as command-line tools, flexile templating & ORM system, function decorators, etc. With the help of this framework’s unique features, you can build custom web applications as it supports JavaScript programming tools by using  Python as a web server. Due to this reason, if you master the skill of Python, you can rock with this framework.  If you are looking for the best way to learn programming, then it is through online courses. 


If you are in search of an optimum web framework, you would have heard of this framework. It is another fast, lightweight, and full-stack web framework to develop applications using Python. It helps to minimize the complexities associated with developing the applications, and consequently, you can use this for building both large and small size applications. It is gaining popularity because of its efficiency in handling web requests and web responses. The most significant feature of this framework is developing custom web apps using a wide range of packages and add ons. Additionally, it maintains extensive documentation, and it suits perfectly for building API, CMS, and prototypes. It also includes beneficial features such as URL generation, Single-file applications, templating & static assets, etc. 

5. Bottle

If you are looking for an ideal framework to fit small and medium web app development projects, Bottle is the right choice for you. It allows the developers to build the apps using minimal development to implement all functions in a single source file. It comes with numerous ranges of abstraction, routing, templating features, and utilities. These features make this framework best to develop small and simple apps in a quick time. To get the most out of these features, you need to master the Python, and if you want to do so, you can choose the best python online course certification

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