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What are the prerequisites for learning Hadoop & Big Data?

Big Data refers to the unstructured, voluminous complex data sets that cannot be processed using traditional data processing software. Owing to its unstructured nature, the attempt to use any traditional software for integrating big data can lead to clumsy operations and errors. This is the reason why big data platforms rely on efficient ways while minimizing the error margin.  

As per an article published in Forbes, over 150 zettabytes of data will have to be processed and analyzed by 2025. This demand can pose some serious issues pertaining to data management and hence the need for frameworks such as Hadoop arises. These tools make data analysis and processing more manageable.

Hadoop is a Java-based framework for programming which is primarily used for storage and for processing large data sets in computing environments. It is also an open-source framework that is part of the Apache project. It is more of a data warehousing system that actually relies on various techniques for processing the data that is held on the system.

Students who have recently graduated from college and are enthusiastic about big data positions can undertake Hadoop training online. This will open up lucrative career opportunities for them in one of the most challenging and complex open-source frameworks. Whether you want to make a shift or want to kick start your career in Hadoop, here is all you need to know.  

What are the prerequisites for learning Hadoop?

The Big Data revolution has created tremendous job opportunities as various organizations are keen on tapping into young and experienced talent. To learn the core concepts of Hadoop and the big data ecosystem, it is essential to have two important skills – Java and Linux. 

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  1. Java

Hadoop has been basically written in Java and you need to be aware of the basics of this programming language for better understanding. Advanced Java expertise can prove to be an added advantage for professionals keen on learning Hadoop. Although it is not a pre-requisite to learn Java, individuals keen on pursuing a lucrative career in Hadoop and Big Data can spend a few hours learning the basic concepts. 

  1. Linux 

Hadoop has to be set up in a Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu. The preferred system of setting up and managing Hadoop clusters is via command line parameters of Linux shell. Professionals keen on exploring the opportunities in Hadoop need to have a basic knowledge of the Linux system for setup. 

  1. Programming Skills 

Hadoop allows the developers to write maps and reduce functions in the preferred language of choices such as Ruby, C, Perl, Python, and others. Hence, you need to be proficient in one of the programming languages. In fact, you need to have knowledge of several programming languages based on the role you want it to fulfill. For instance, Python and R are ideal for analysis while knowledge of Java is suitable for development work. Beginners can check out the top Hadoop courses online to learn programming basics. 

  1. SQL Knowledge

Knowledge of SQL is crucial if you intend to pursue a career in Big Data. Many companies that previously relied on RDBMS are now turning to Big Data for integrating their existing infrastructure into the Big Data platform. Big Data platforms using Hadoop have packages such as Impala, Hive, Spark SQL, and others all of which require a thorough understanding of SQL or SQL-like querying languages. Prior experience of working with SQL can allow an individual to process large datasets without having to worry about underlying processing frameworks.  

In summary 

Big Data is growing fast and is already being integrated into the banking, hospitality, manufacturing, marketing, social media, healthcare, transportation, advertising, research, ecommerce, and other sectors. Developers need to be aware of all the modern technologies for developing innovative solutions. You can take up the best Hadoop courses online to completely understand and become proficient in Hadoop. Choose from the best options available to become a Hadoop expert! 

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