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The global pandemic has compelled every business to go online. This change was on the card, but the pandemic has quickened the pace. Even before the Covid-19, the amount of data each business produced has increased significantly, but now the amount of data is massive. Hence, managing the data is becoming a major concern for many organizations. In this scenario, Hadoop is the best tool to smoothly manage Big Data and derive useful insights into the decision-making process. The way business went online, in the same way, people are looking to take Hadoop training online and become qualified in this field. In this post, let us look at all the details regarding Hadoop training and certification and how it benefits the professionals. 

What is the need for Hadoop Certification?

The first and foremost advantage and reason to complete the certification course is the sheer demand. Since Big Data and Hadoop are relatively a concept in the business intelligence field, many companies are struggling to find and hire Hadoop experts. The businesses are dealing with petabytes of data, and they want to hire those professionals who can easily handle this much volume efficiently. So, what is a more-assuring thing than having a professional certificate in the Hadoop? The certification will assure the hiring industry, and they understand that you are a reliable, responsible, and person with the required skill set. Thus, you can get a good position in the big companies and enjoy the benefits from it. Everyone knows about the increasing demand in this field, so it is obvious that many people jump into learning Hadoop and increase the competition. Hence completing the certification course will provide you a competitive edge over others. So, it is the perfect time to complete your big data certification with Hadoop and enjoy the benefits of it. 

What are the benefits of Big data Training and certification?

  • The BI field demand is increasing day by day, and many people are completing the Big Data training and getting ready to take advantage of the opportunity. When there is an attractive job available, the competition is also increasing. So, getting the certificate in this will help you to beat those who haven’t. 
  • Even if you are already placed in the Hadoop and Big Data management job, getting a Hadoop certificate will increase the value, and you can get a higher package than other people. 
  • During your IJPs, Hadoop Training and Certification helps you climb up the ladder, and it helps to accelerate your career in a big way. 
  • The Big Data and Hadoop certificate authenticates your hands-on experience in Big Data management. Hence you will find it easier to prove your expertise and qualification in this field. 
  • The certificate in Hadoop helps you to become more confident in your knowledge. It makes you speak confidently about Hadoop’s concepts and techniques in your company whenever you are networking with others.  
  • If you are in other technical roles but want to change your role, but there is no exciting subject and offer for you, then completing Hadoop training online and certification helps you to make your transition easier. 
  • The certification courses of Hadoop include the latest technology and features available in Hadoop. Hence, Hadoop’s certificate verifies that you are aware of the new features to the hiring companies. 

How to get Hadoop Certification?

There are two ways to get your Hadoop certificate. You can get a Hadoop certificate either in-class training and through online mode. The in-class training is losing its importance since the online mode is becoming more beneficial. If you are a working professional and you have a busy schedule, the traditional in-class courses will become more challenging and less practical for you. Everything is made easy through the online mode in the digital era. Hence completing and getting the Hadoop certificate online will not become an issue. In fact, online courses’ flexibility is the main reason many people are opting for online classes. Most courses come with an offline mode feature. It also helps you learn even without the internet connection by downloading the resources with the internet and later. Adding to this, you can get the certificate course at a lesser fee, interactive sessions, practice tests, etc. 

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