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World’s Buzzing Word Hadoop

The businesses are slowly moving towards Big Data and getting numerous benefits out of it. The data is the new age fuel, and if one pays enough attention to a business’s data, they can obtain vital insights from it and develop the strategies around it to maximize the profit. Big Data is a relatively new term for many companies, but it helps them immensely. And when it comes to managing Big Data, the Hadoop and its ecosystem make its way naturally. Hadoop uses the majority of the data scientist to handle the enormous data sets and get vital information from that. 

What is the reason for the popularity of Hadoop?

If you are looking for a lucrative job and grow your career, learning Hadoop is the best option for you. The below points will give you strong reasons to pursue and learn Hadoop. Hadoop testing online training is also gaining more importance these days. 

1. Big Data is the top priority for organizations

In the current world, Big Data is playing a significant role and becoming a game-changer in many companies over the past few years. Now we can see many big enterprises across domains are adapting Big Data techniques to make decisions. By analyzing Big Data using tools like Spark and Hadoop, they are able to identify hidden insights to find market trends, customer preferences, correlations, and other information. This is the reason many people are looking to undergo through Hadoop testing online courses and become experts. 

2. It is widespread in all domains

The application and uses of Big Data are not limited to any one particular discipline. Big Data is present in every domain, and it is allowing businesses to leverage their capabilities and improve the values. It is spreading its arm in healthcare, government, retail, banking, transportation, natural resources, media & entertainment, and many more spaces. Hence, you can choose any domain of your choice and work there as a data scientist. 

3. Huge demand for Hadoop professionals 

Hadoop is getting more attention these days because there is no other tool that is scalable and cost-effective. It is also creating a strong foundation for other Big Data technologies such as Hive, Spark, etc. This is leading the way for an increasing number of Hadoop jobs at a high steep rate. Forbes has predicted that the Hadoop market is expected to reach $99.31 billion by 2022. 

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4. Lack of Big Data professionals 

We already know that Hadoop is getting more demand because of numerous reasons. However still, many companies have vacant places because of the scarcity of Hadoop professionals; they are equipped with the right skill sets. The increasing demand is widening the gap between the demand and supply of Hadoop professionals. Hence, it is the right time to learn Big Data and give a head start to your career. Another essential thing is Big Data is expected to gain more importance over the next five to ten years, and it naturally opens numerous job opportunities. 

5. The way to earn a considerable paycheck 

Earning capabilities is one of the main reasons people choose any domain. And the advantage of Hadoop is numerous where you can earn more and work in any domain since almost all the domains use it. The scarcity of Hadoop professionals is also one of the causes of huge payment. Hadoop professionals’ pay scale varies from $93,000 to $127,000 annually per, depending upon the job roles. 

6. Helps the professionals of many backgrounds

Hadoop ecosystem is available with numerous tools that help to leverage by experts from different backgrounds. If you are from a programming background, you can use MapReduce and code using Python, Java, etc. It also allows many other professionals to get benefits. 

7. Best tool to manage Big Data

The new big bang is the data explosion. With more online transactions, every business is seeing colossal data generation. And to get an advantage of this phenomenon, learning Hadoop is the best way. With a considerable amount of data, another major problem is the increasing unstructured data. Without a doubt, one cannot manage the massive data with numerous formats and types using the traditional methods. Hence Hadoop is preferred by many organizations and experts. 

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