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What are the roles of Tableau developers?

Today with each passing day, we see data production in zettabytes and yottabytes! And one cannot ignore these data and dump it. Hence, nowadays, organizations are paying more attention to the data and analyzing and getting meaningful information from it. These analyses often show hidden patterns and meaningful insights. It helps businesses to change the strategies and policies. Hence the demand for data analytics and data visualization experts is enormous. Anyone can learn this skill and equip themselves better with the Tableau online training

What is Tableau?

It is a software tool that is most widely used for data visualization. It can handle an enormous amount of data each business produces these days. It helps to convert unstructured data into a format that can be easily understood. With Tableau’s help, data visualization becomes fast, efficient, and easy to build workbooks and dashboards. 

Before moving to a Tableau developer’s roles, let us understand Tableau’s basic details, such as types of tools, products. 

Tableau Tools 

There are two types of tools available in Tableau, including developer tools and sharing tools. 

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Developer Tools

As the name denotes, it is the tool used for development purposes. These tools include visualization tools, creating charts, graphs, dashboards, and means for providing BI reports to the organization. The Tableau products such as Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop belong to this category. 

Sharing Tools

The sharing of data is necessary since the users of data are plenty. You can learn in-depth about the tableau tools and many experts in the recruitment are advising us to learn tableau Online Course.

The sharing tools are used to share the visualizations, charts, reports, and dashboards created in Tableau Desktop. Tableau products, including Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Reader, belong to this category. 

Roles and responsibility of a Tableau Developer

As a Tableau Developer, one must fulfill the below roles and responsibilities. 

  • By using Tableau, creating the visualizations from the extracted data sets.
  • Analyzing the massive data sets and identifying the hidden patterns and meaningful insights makes the decision-making process pretty easy. 
  • Creating dashboards, reports, charts, and other visuals. 
  • Managing the Tableau Server. 
  • Managing and maintaining big data.
  • Twisting the queries from SQL for enhancing the performances. 
  • Carefully examining the data and identifying the glitches in the business, and resolving the same. 
  • To make the business operation process smooth, identifying the key areas of automation.
  • Creating the reference reports or documents for your finalized reports. 

What are the Tableau Products?

Tableau, as of now, offers five different products to enhance data visualization and data management easily. 

Tableau Desktop

It is one of the highest used products of Tableau. It is a visualization tool that helps to gain insights from it. In this, developers create BI reports and charts and combine them to get interactive dashboards. There are many tableau for students classes available if you are a student. It also gives data connectivity to the data warehouse. Further, you can see two types here. 

  • Tableau Desktop Personal – In this, you will not be able to share the workbook. It comes with a private workspace, and they have restricted access to the files.
  • Tableau Desktop Professional – It provides access to the entire data, and you can publish the work using Tableau Online or server. 

Tableau Online

It is a sharing tool available in Tableau. Here, data is stored in cloud services. Only the files created by Tableau Desktop are supported in this product. Most importantly, there are no storage restrictions here. 

Tableau Server

Tableau Desktop creates the worksheets, charts, and other visualizations, but you need a Tableau server to share these works. The availability of the files is available only for authorized users. The authorized users can log in to the server and check through a web browser. 

Tableau Public 

As the name says, the work created here is accessible for everyone. The files are stored in the public cloud of Tableau. Since your works can be viewed by everyone; the isolation for saved work is absent. It is best suited for learning purposes. 

Tableau reader

It is a free tool for viewing the worksheets and other visualizations using the tableau desktop. 

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