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What can you build with Python?

Python is one of the popular programming languages which is preferred by the majority of developers worldwide. The demand for Python experts is increasing with each passing day. But if you are still wondering what you can do once you know python basics, here is the list which shows everything you can do. In this current world, many applications, websites are working with Python, and reputed companies prefer it. Let us look at the things one can do after mastering Python. 

Get rid of boring stuff by automating it.

The first thing many people want to do is kill some of the boring stuff using Python. There are many python for beginners courses that are helpful to master this skill and get rid of boring things. Using python, one can create automation that can do tedious tasks such as renaming, saving the files on the computer, updating spreadsheets, etc. This is the perfect beginning to master python basics. Because by doing this task, you will get a chance to practice most things you learned, such as working with files, scraping the web, creating dictionaries, and creating classes and objects.  To do this job, you will get many resources, including separate courses, to automate boring things. 

Use it to stay top on bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin is a new sensation among investors. The price of bitcoins is fluctuating, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are becoming more popular. If you are an investor or trader who wants to make good predictions and take an edge using Python, you can do it. Numerous online courses will help you understand how to use Python and build a program that provides bitcoin price notifications. It involves working with numerous libraries and objects of Python and creating the program.

Build a calculator

Simple projects such as creating a calculator do a lot of good things to you. This helps to explore GUI programming. Practice the simpler programs first, and it will help you understand more about Python libraries, objects, and other best practices to make. 

All IT Courses 50% Off

Create a Microblog using Flask

Nowadays, blogging has become popular. And it is not a bad idea for you to create a blog for yourself. With the usage of Instagram and Twitter becoming more every day, microblogging is seeing great popularity. If you know how to use the Flask web framework, you can create fully functional web applications. 

Build a blockchain

The blockchain is initially developed to implement in the finance industry, but it is spreading to all other industries. Now blockchain is useful and can be implemented on any type of transaction. So, we can see the usage from medical records transfer to real estate dealings. You can find numerous courses that let you know how to effectively use blockchain and implement it from scratch. To build the blockchain, you will use HTTP clients and other Python libraries. To communicate over the internet using blockchain, you need to install the Flask framework and HTTP requests. 

Play PyGames

If you are bored and want to apply your learning and have fun, in that case, you can try playing games. You can build your own game using Python and enjoy it. Many popular games such as tic-tac-toe, hangman, ping pong, and many other adventure games, puzzles, and arcade games are created using Python. The Pygame library is useful to build amazing games. It includes everything to start building your own game using your newly acquired skill.  In fact, many game enthusiasts learn python online just because to build some games and have fun. 

Explore Machine learning

The world is rapidly moving towards machine learning and artificial intelligence. If you want to take new steps in your career and explore next-generation technology, you should try to learn these things. The good news is if you are good at Python, you can easily master these things. 

Get new challenges

If you are done with all the things provided above and looking to increase your skills level, you must try coding challenges. In the coding challenges, you will get different problems, and your job is to find the optimum solution using Python. Coding challenges are the best way to get to know about many libraries, methods, and frameworks. You will learn something new in every challenge. 

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