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What is the future of Python?

As we already know, Python is one of the popular programming languages. The great news is it is still evolving, and the demand for Python is increasing.  It is a no-brainer to conclude that Python has a great future. Amongst other reasons, python training online is becoming more famous in the technical world. It has grown significantly since its launch in 1991. Especially the application of Python has increased immensely in the 21st century. This fame and acceptance by millions of people is not a surprise at all. The below reasons show you why  Python is popular aspirants are searching for the best python online course.

Top features of Python that make it famous 

Open Source

The best thing about Python is its availability. Anyone can download, install, and start using this programming language without paying a dollar. Hence, learning python online is becoming popular, and anyone with a system can start learning and practicing simultaneously.   

Absence of support issue

The major problem among other programming languages is the problem with support. But thankfully, Python is free from this type of issue. One can get adequate support in this platform, plus you will get the required documentation that is absent in many other rival programming languages. Hence, the programmer can easily refer to the resources and develop. 

Less code and Easy to learn

In Python, one has to code very little compared to other programming languages. The program’s code looks very neat, and the complex programming can also be written in a few lines. Further, Python is easy to learn, and many students choose this programming language and excel. 

Cross-Platform language 

One of the reasons why Python is getting more popular is because it supports different operating systems. Users of iOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Linus, etc., can install and utilize its benefits. That means if you write a code for Windows, you can, without changing the code, run on Mac. 

Strong community

Python has large community support. Millions of users use Python, and hence if you have any doubt, you can get solutions in the community. If you get any issues while coding, you need not worry since you are not alone. Many users are facing or have faced the same issue, and they can guide you to overcome the problems. 

Varieties of library and frameworks

With the support from big companies and a huge community, Python is blessed with numerous frameworks and libraries.  Hence, to create any program, you just need to import the libraries rather than building from scratch. 

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Supports Machine Learning, cloud computing, and Big data

In the IT industry, cloud computing, Big Data, and Machine Learning are becoming the favorite topics. These things help organizations to grow quickly. After R, Python is the most popular language for data analytics and data science. 

What do numbers say about Python’s future?

In the Stack Overflow Trends, the success of Python reflects. About 14% of the entire Stack Overflow queries are tagged with Python, and  Python is buzzing everywhere. The reasons for this development are obvious, and we have already gone through it. And from the career perspective also the future looks very promising. Over 40,000 jobs are completely reserved for experienced Python software developers worldwide. 

Adding to this, the recent sensations such as data analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, and other revolutionary technologies also use Python. It is expected to get more importance in the near future. 

Undoubtedly, Python has topped the list of most used and most favorite programming languages in the world. After seeing every development in Python’s space, no other programming language can come near this compete with it. Not only the finance and IT sectors but also the rapidly growing entertainment industry is using Python. These days games and applications are ruling the world, and many popular games and applications are programmed with Python language. So, it is not hard to guess what could happen with Python in the next few years. Without any doubt, one can tell it is here to stay and rule the programming world for many years to come. So, it is no surprise to see many people are looking to learn and master Python with python training online courses. 

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