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Which one should I learn? Python or Scala?

In this digital era, there is nothing that you can’t do online. Almost everything is happening online, and this change paved the way for the demand for web, desktop, and mobile device applications. To develop any software, one needs to know everything about at least one programming language. If you are looking to become a programmer and take advantage of the growing demand, you should understand end to end about any popular programming language. Many beginners end up choosing between Python and Scala. So if you are also in the same dilemma, we will provide the main difference between these two programming languages. It will definitely help you to decide based on solid information. Before knowing the differences, let us understand the basic things of these two programming languages in brief. 


Python is one of the most loved programming languages by millions of users worldwide. It is an open-source, object-oriented, high-level language with dynamic capabilities. It is used in data science, Rapid Action Development, scripting, and many other fields. This language is dynamically typed and supported by a large and active community. This the preferred by many beginners since it is straightforward to learn and understand. It is backed by many other benefits, and as a result, many python certification courses are gaining popularity these days. 


Scala is a high caliber and robust programming language which helped enormously in the success of Big Data. The biggest advantage of Scala is speed. It is capable of outrunning any programming language when it comes to speed of execution. Scala was introduced to the IT world in 2003, and it is a compiler-based & multi-paradigm language, which is fast, efficient, and compact. Along with the fast and compactness, it supports Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In the field of Big Data, the application and advantages of Scala are enormous. 

Comparison between Scala and Python

Without a doubt, many python certification online courses are getting popular, but the craze for Scala is not less. We already mentioned that in the Big Data field, Scala is the best. But before selecting the programming language for your next career path, you must see the primary differences between these two and select the language as per your needs. 


Since it is a dynamically typed language, it requires extra work for the interpreter and more time for execution. Scala is a statically typed language, and here code executes 10 times faster than python. 

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Python is a dynamically typed, object-oriented programming language, where you no need to specify the objects. On the other hand, Scala is the statically typed open source, object-oriented programming language where you need to specify the objects and types of variables when writing code. 


Python is very easy to learn and master. Python’s syntax is English-like, and it is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Scala is more difficult to learn compared to Python. Due to this, Python is the first choice of beginners. 

Error handling 

If any code exists before, being a dynamically typed programming language, Python is prone to bugs. It can be used for smaller projects, but python is not the best option when it comes to scalability. Scala is a statically typed language, offers an interface to catch errors. As a result, refactoring code becomes easy in Scala. 

Community support 

Community support is one of the important aspects of open source platforms. Python is backed by a large community, and as a result, if you are stuck in learning or coding, you can get support from the community. A huge community also causes frequent updates and the addition of attractive features. When it comes to community support, it is hard to beat Python by Scala or, for that matter, any other language. However, Scala is also an open source language and has good community support, but when compared to Python, the community’s people are less. This also one of the main reasons why people enroll in python certification online

Ease of testing  

Python is a dynamically typed language, and hence testing & its methodologies are complex. On the other hand, Scala is statically typed, and it becomes easier to test. 

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