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H2K Infosys is offering Selenium WebDriver online training and the best part is that, it is online Course. You can learn WebDriver in the comfort of your home and at your own time.

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About Selenium Training Course

    • Our extensive 40+ hours of Selenium Online Training cover both basic and advanced topics to help you become an expert Selenium Test Automation Engineer.
    • By joining our Selenium online training, you will be proficient in WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Remote Control, and Grid.
    • You will also be learning Build Tools (Maven), Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins), and Repository Tools (GitHub) which also help in learning the DevOps.
    • Latest frameworks like Page-Pattern and Cucumber frameworks.
    • We provide you with assignments, training material, selenium tutorials and recorded videos for a complete learning experience.
    • Our Instructors are working professionals who give you real world knowledge and examples, and are the best in their field.
    • Selenium Online Training is for Students/Non-IT beginners who wish to start a career in IT industry as a Selenium Automation Engineer.
    • Programmers who have the added responsibility of running tests.
    • If you are switching career from Manual Testing to Automation Testing.
    • Quality Analyst who need formal training to be proficient and stand out from the competition.
    • You do not have a Computer Science degree and you wish to start a successful career in IT.
    • You want to increase your Income Potential. The Average salary for a Selenium Automation Engineer is $58K to $111K. The National Average in the United States is around $81K per year.
  • The Test Automation Engineer designs, builds, tests, and deploys effective test automation solutions. The Selenium Test Automation Engineer generates test cases using Selenium, enhances the test cases, debugs test cases and does defect tracking and reporting.

    • Our Selenium Courses is designed to make you proficient in Selenium.
    • We provide Instructor-led live online class.
    • In Selenium WebDriver online course, you will learn what is Automation Testing and the need for Automation Testing.
    • You will be introduced to the four components of Selenium (IDE, RC, Grid, and WebDriver).
    • Our experienced Faculties will teach you about elements, identifying elements using name, firebug, IE developer tools, XPath, CSS, etc.
    • You will learn about Selenium IDE concepts, commands, writing test cases in WebDriver, work on Eclipse, Java Programming Language, how to write code in WebDriver, Junit methods and Automation characteristics.
    • You will have an overview of build tools (Maven), Continuous integration tools (Jenkins) repository tools (GitHub) and framework concepts.
    • Our Technical Team will help you in installing tools like Eclipse, IDE, Firebug, Jenkins, GitHub, Maven etc.
    • These tools also help in learning DevOps.
    • The students can select a web application, prepare scenarios, and develop page-pattern (hybrid) framework.
    • We also offer Ruby cucumber – framework.
    • Cloud Test Lab to practice on software tools to gain hands-on experience.
    • Students get lifetime access to the Selenium course, Training Material, and Recorded Videos.
    • We provide guidance on Interview and Resume Preparation.
    • Unlimited mock interview sessions to gain confidence.
    • Convenient Class timings on weekday evenings and weekends.
    • Our Demo Sessions are absolutely free so you can decide before enrolling in our training.

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Selenium Training Course Syllabus

    • Introduction
    •  Variables
    •  Arrays
    •  Datatypes
    •  Conditional Statements
    •  OOPS
      • Inheritance
      • Interfaces
      • Abstraction
      • Encapsulation
    • Util
      • List
      • Set
      • Map
    • Exceptions
    • Constructors
    • Access Specifiers
    • Locators
    • findElements
    • Handling Listbox
    • Handling Windows
    • Handling Frames
    • Handling IFrames
    • Handling Alerts
    • Handling Date Picker
    • Synchronization
    • Mouse Actions
    • Keyboard Actions
    • Upload a File
    • Capture Screenshot
    • JAvascriptExecutor
    • WebDriver Interface
    • Navigation Methods
    • Testing
      • Annotations: @Test,@Before/@AfterTest,@Before/@AfterClass
      • Cross Browser Testing
      • Data Provider
      • Parameterization of Tests
      • Parallel Execution of Tests
      • Executing the Failed Tests

    • Modular Framework
    • Data Driven Framework
    • Keyword Driven Framework
    • Hybrid Framework
    • Page Object Model
    • Page Factory
    • Maven
      • Dependencies
      • plugins
      • profiles
    • Jenkins
      • Executing the windows commands in Jenkins Free Style project
      • Creating Maven Job
      •  Manage Plugins
      • Scheduling the Jobs
      • Downloading the Code from Github
      •  Executing the Code from Github
    • Github
      •  Creating branches
      • Pushing the code
      • Generating Pull Request
      • Merging the Code

    • git clone
    • git branches
    • git clone
    • git push
    • git pull
    • git add
    • git commit
  • Object Repository

  • Logger

    • Behavioral Driven development (BDD) 
    • Cucumber Project Setup
    • Feature file
    • Gherkin language
    • Working with simple scenario
    • Working with Datatable

Selenium Training Ratings



Srinivas is a great instructor. He is very knowledgeable and explains every concept in great detail and with patience. He clarifies every doubt and spends time until it gets resolved. I would recommend Srinivas for Selenium classes and real time selenium project work. Thank you very much for your time and dedication. Read more

I am taking selenium classes from Sonal, She is a very good teacher. She teaches with lot of patience. Se gives notes each day to remember the concepts. At the end of the class he clears all the doubts what we have Read more

Taking this course has not only increased my confidence in selenium, but I sincerely gained an interest to better understand and challenge myself. Thanks to Sudheer, I was able to understand the content well and apply them through the provided material. To my experience this course was well worth my time and definitely encourage others interested in Selenium to give it a try. Read more

I am glad that I joined a project with Srinivas for Selenium using Java. He is very knowledgeable and patient. His work experience in the field and command on selenium is unmatched. He genuinely tries to teach us everything he can so we have a real world experience. He is a great teacher. Thanks for guiding us Read more

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