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H2K Infosys offer exceptional QA software testing training in Dallas and across Texas, using our innovative online platform to deliver high quality training that prepares students for the working environment. From Irvine to Frisco, we give our students the skills they need to build the career they want, with dedicated, highly-experienced instructors and comprehensive, cutting-edge learning material.

Our range of bespoke courses covers a broad range of software and QA testing platforms, with specific instruction available for Selenium, Hadoop Big DATAInformatica, BA and Java. Each course is delivered through our bespoke online platform that ensures that students receive the highest levels of training in an easy to access, location independent way. This means that our exceptional training is always accessible across Texas no matter where you are, from Plano to ArlingtonHouston and beyond. Our unique online platform means you get the convenience of online learning without sacrificing any quality, H2K Infosys provide the highest quality software QA training, wherever you are.

For the IT industry in general, and QA testing in particular, Texas has a thriving job market, with San Antonio being noted as the 11th most active job market in the country for qualified IT applicants. In addition, QA testing skills are sought after across Texas, including Austin, where there are a large number of video game production companies always seeking testing specialists. Dallas itself is of course home to a large number of multinational businesses, including numerous tech industry pioneers, with IT skills of all kinds, and platform specialists in particular, always in high demand.

With training from H2K Infosys, you will have the skills to stand out in any job market, helping you get noticed with in-demand knowledge. However, our courses and unique platform also give you the confidence to take on these new challenges, not just giving you knowledge but preparing you for the workplace itself. Wherever you are in Texas, there are opportunities to advance your career, or even start a new one, and with the help of H2K Infosys, you will have the skills, know how and confidence to get noticed, get the job and succeed in your career.

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