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Career Opportunities In Java In 2021

The opportunities available as a Java programmer are endless. This is because Java is used everywhere, ranging from android applications, web server tools, to enterprise software. In recent times, Java can be said to be the backbone of the internet revolution. 

As a beginner Java programmer, there are many opportunities and options that you can pursue to become in the future. But you have to fully understand the various aspects involved in Java as a programming language. An easy way to know this is to attend the java certification course online, that is, learning java online with a certificate given to you as a certified java programmer. This will enable you to be able to pursue the various opportunities in Java. Also, you can attend free java training and placement programs where you can have access to the latest trends in java programming as regards innovative technology.

Knowing the career opportunities in Java is not enough, but it is important to choose the right career option in Java. This is because these career opportunities have specific skill sets that you need to possess to work effectively in them. Not having these skills might lead to frustration which will reduce the quality of your work.

There are many career opportunities in Java, but here are some of the top options in Java programming.

  1. Scrum Master.

Scrum masters are very important, especially in Software development. They work in an Agile environment which is a model in Software development and testing. The primary job of a scrum master is to organize and run a scrum meeting daily. It is the responsibility of a scrum master to resolve any blocker that might present itself. Java programming skills are essential for a scrum master. It also requires a few coordination skills and project management. 

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Agile methodologies are widely used among technology companies which makes it more important for scrum masters to take full advantage. But for a beginner in java programming who has taken interest in scrum, it is important to acquire a scrum certification and also a java certificate course online. You can also register for free java training and placement programs as scrum will be introduced there.

  1. DevOps Engineer.

DevOps Engineer is developers who deal with managing the environment, automation, and improving the overall structure of software development. A DevOps Engineer has to be an experienced Java programmer having a career experience of about 4-6 years.

DevOps Engineers are software developers who are more interested in deployment and network operations. They also have a great passion for coding and scripting, and they move into the development side where they can improve the planning of trees and deployment. 

There is no formal career path for becoming a DevOps Engineer, but you must have good experience in Java programming.

  1. Junior Developer/ Programmer.

As a junior developer, you must know the popular programming language, Java inclusive. This position is the starting point for a beginner in Java programming. The responsibility of a junior developer or programmer is primarily to write, test, analyze, and fix (debug) code. They also take part in code reviews and technical documentation. 

At this stage, you need to focus on the industry practices and know them. That is why having a leader or a mentor is recommended for you at this stage. You should also focus on improving your skills daily as a Java programmer since you are just starting. This is to make sure you move up the ranks in the company organizational structure as quickly as possible.

Obtaining a certificate at this stage is also an added advantage. So, taking java certificate courses online and learning java online with a certificate attached is recommended at this level. Also, attending free java training and placement programs can help you boost your java programming skill sets.

  1. Senior Developer/ Senior Computer Java Programmer.

This is more of an advanced role of a junior developer. It can be described as taking charge (or overseeing) a complete project. This means that there are more responsibilities like mentoring the junior developers and programmers, training the users (whether internal or external users) on your improved computer code, amongst others. A senior developer is also involved in writing codes and having to report to higher authorities like the executive officers or the managers. Finally, the constant job of a senior developer involves transitioning to an additional social control track, but additional education and certification are required to get to this level.

A junior developer that is consistent in improving in java programming skills will be promoted to a senior developer within no time. That is why it is important to keep honing your java programming abilities daily.

  1. Java Architect.

The primary role of a java architect is to design and develop the layout of a java application or software. Their job is to categorize the various logic layers that further improve the separation of concerns among the team members involved in a project. A java architect thinks of the best technologies that can be effectively used for the software that is to be developed, and ensures that they are compatible with one another.

Also, a java architect is responsible for interfacing with the purchases and shoppers of your computer code, the general design of the system, and collection and analyzing necessities of the written code.

Considering this job role, it is said that a person must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in java programming. It is considered as one of the advanced levels in java job opportunities.

  1. Java Web Developer.

A Java web developer is responsible for deploying and maintaining server-side code. Apart from the knowledge of java programming, cloud computing knowledge is required for this role and this is due to the growing culture of cloud-based systems.


Java is leading the pack when it comes to software development and the enterprise back-end market. That is why as a beginner in java programming, you can rest assured that there is a career waiting for you. All you have to do is put in the work in learning the skill sets. Learning Java online and obtaining a certificate is a good step in achieving this, and also taking a java certificate course online is important as a beginner to stay ahead in the java job market.

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