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Recovery testing is a type of non-functional testing technique to know how fast the system will recover after it has undergone a crash or any kind of hardware failure. The purpose of recovery testing is to check the system’s ability to recover from various points of failure.

Some of the recovery plans are:

  1. Determine the feasibility of the recovery process.
  2. Verifying the backup utilities.
  3. Verify the documents for checking the compatibility of back up facilities.
  4. Providing guidance and training with team.
  5. Maintain and update the recovery plan at regular intervals of time.

For example when an application is receiving data from the network suppose if the cable is unplugged, after some time plug the cable back and analyse the application’s ability to continue to receive the data from the point of network connection which is broken. Restart the system while the browser has the number of sessions running and check whether the browser is able to recover all of them or not.

The time taken to recover depends upon below factors:

  • The number of recover points.
  • A volume of application.
  • Training and skills of people conducting recovery activities and the tools which are available for recovery.

The Life cycle process of Recovery testing

  1. Normal operation
  2. Disaster occurrence
  3. Disruption and failure
  4. Disaster clearance through recovery process
  5. Reconstruction of all process and information to bring the system move into normal operation.

A system which has hardware, software, firmware are combined to achieve a common goal is made operational for performing a well define and stated goal is considered to be. performing normal operation. A disruption or a disaster might happen due to some malfunctioning of the software for various reasons software crashing or hardware failure, damage due fire, theft etc.

Disruption step is most difficult step which leads to business loss, relationship break, opportunity losses, and man power losses and financial losses. Each agency should have the proper plan for disaster recovery to reduce the occurrence of disruption. If back up plan and risk management processes are in working properly before occurrence of disaster. the recovery can be done without much loss. The reconstruction might involve multiple sessions of operation to rebuild all the files. There should be a proper  documentation for reconstruction recovery.



Need for Recovery Testing:

The companies like Google and Amazon are continuously making the cloud based facilities in their apps for their large scale computing and data storage. They have many sophisticated softwares to mask the reliability of their PC’s. This makes the recovery analysis quite demanding. Military hardware installations required to operate in hazardous climatic conditions like in desert where recovery of information becomes quiet challenging.


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