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8 Reasons why you should Learn Java in 2022

Technology is gradually taking over in most aspects of human life and affairs. innovations and new developments come with experts working at the back-end to develop and write codes that serve as the foundation of the application before it runs smoothly. One major area of tech many are quite familiar with is programming and it involves writing functions in different languages for the app. There are lots of programming languages with unique features and advantages. Java is one of the most popular programming languages and it is used for high-level development. While it stands in competition with several other languages, Java is sure to be one of the programming languages you have to learn in 2022. Want to know why? It’s all in this article. Let’s get started right away. 

Meanwhile, you can learn Java this year and get a junior developer role by joining a Java training and placement platform. 

1.Versatility and Security

When it comes to writing code, the versatility and security of the programming language are quite important for developers. Java language is very versatile and it runs smoothly on any operating system. Since its development in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, Java has entered the heart of many due to its security advantages as well. As a beginner in the programming industry, you have to add Java to your bucket list to get the best of versatility and security.

2.Huge Earning

While you may not even want to learn, the Java language is one opportunity to earn huge in the industry. A recent statistic shows that Java developers earn up to $100,000 annually depending on the level of expertise and job duties. However, working as a Java developer will open a way to earn from your hobby consistently.  

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3.Large Community

As a developer, you need all the support from the community as much as possible especially when there are issues along the line. Looking at the long-existing years of the programming language, you should have an idea about the number of individuals within the community. More so, the number of advantages the language gives developers, there are over 9 million users globally. So, expect to enjoy unlimited community interactions from others in the field when you learn Java in 2022.

4.Beginner-Friendly Language

Java language is one of the friendliest programming languages to learn and get accustomed to as a beginner. Today, we see many individuals out of the tech space trying to jump on a career in this industry. While the eagerness to learn is there, one discouraging factor may be difficulty in understanding the processes. However, with Java programmers, you can easily get enough tutorials to help your learning career. 

More so, the runtime process of Javascript is preceded by careful examination of the codes. This for you as a beginner helps you avoid pro-launch errors. Fixing errors after a completed session can be frustrating. 

5.Popular Language

Java language is one of the most demanded in the tech space. Rankings showed the language topping the list of most relevant and demanded in recent years. With your skills in the Java language, you get to stay forever relevant and wanted as a developer. Before choosing any tech language, ensure you weigh the pros and cons especially on relevance in future times. For Java, it has been in existence for over two decades, and it isn’t moving to extinction anytime soon. 

6.Comprehension of other Languages

Starting off your learning with Java allows you to understand other languages easily. Although many may claim this is one of the most difficult languages to get used to, providing you with other alternatives, you should stick to Java. Starting with the most complex may be tough, however, you can easily jump on others. 

7.Numerous Application Programming Interface (API)

Aside from other reasons mentioned, the Java language has numerous APIs for you. These APIs are very helpful in working developing applications without necessarily understanding their launching processes in-depth. There are three major types of Java APIs and these are Unofficial API, Official Core API, and Optional official API. These APIs are relevant in various niches. 

8.Free Cost

Java language is also available to all in a free state. When it comes to working or learning with Java, you have no issue with payment because it is a free platform, open to all. While this is maintained, you may be asked to pay a little amount when commercial use of the programming language is required. 

Wrapping up

There are one and a million reasons why you should learn Java in 2022. It’s always the right time to start as the year is gradually moving out and you miss out on these opportunities when you delay. Get started today and see how fast you make progress in your learning. Join an online Java training course to get started.

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