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Browser Compatibility Testing

Browser Testing

Browser compatibility testing is a non-functional testing procedure which ensures the compatibility of web based application with the web browsers. It is one of the type of compatibility testing. Compatibility testing is mainly done to check whether the software has proficiency to run on different browsers, databases and operating systems. Compatibility testing should be done in real environment or environment similar to real environment rather than virtual environment.

Types of Compatibility testing:

The compatibility of software is tested with below entities:

  1. Browser
  2. Hardware
  3. Networks
  4. Mobile Devices
  5. Operating system
  6. Versions

Browser compatibility testing: It is one of the main type of compatibility testing mainly to check the compatibility of software application to run on specific browsers like chrome, firefox etc.

This involves many different steps like:

1. Code validation: Making sure that the software JavaScript and CSS validates across many browsers.

2. Performance: Ensuring optimal web performance on all platforms.

3. Mobile: The capability of providing a quick response on mobile browsers based on resolution, rotation and viewport.

4. User Interface: making sure that the UI matches the original plans.

5. Behaviour: the user experience working should be same throughout like navigation, dialog boxes etc.

Common issues with cross browser testing are:

1. Inconsistency in page layout

2. Inconsistency in gride

3. The page validation will not work on some browsers

4. There may be situation that the transaction is not posing to the data bases on clicking the submit button.

6. Inconsistency in Tab Flow

The tools for Browser compatibility testing:

  1. Browser stack: this tool is helps the software tester to check the application in different browser.
  2. Multi browser: It helps to test on standalone desktop browser and tests on different versions of same browsers.
  3. Browser Shots: It is an open Source Browser testing platform. It allows you test the application in any browser and in any operating system.


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