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Cross browser testing

Browser Testing

Cross browser testing is a procedure to test whether the software application works on the different browsers of different versions using the cross browser testing tools. It checks the application’s compatibility with different browsers. Some websites may not be displayed on the certain browsers properly sometimes. We think the system is broken but as soon as we open in different browser the application works just fine. Each browser interprets the information on the website differently but some browser will not have enough features to show the things that your website is trying to show and this makes the website look broken. Generally cross browser testing means by its name, testing the software applications in different browsers. This applies to mobile and web application. The advantage of using the cross browser testing tool is – software compatibility with the different browsers of different versions can be tested on the same system at same time.  Hence the resources and testing effort is saved. Some of the cross browser testing tools allow the compatibility testing with operating systems also.

Which kind of applications may undergo this type of testing?

Customers facing the application can undergo this type of testing. For example an application is developed for the company to keep track on inventory and another application for end users to buy products from this company is developed. The best thing would be having the browser testing for the application with the end user as we cannot control the versions of browser the user is going to use. We have to perform this test:

  • To know what is wrong and should be able to fix it
  • To improve the efficiency and user’s experience with business applications
  • To check for any possible pitfalls.

There is a twofold browser testing is to check the appearance of the application in different browsers for its better look.

How to perform Cross Browser Testing?

There are two ways of testing that is one by manually and other is by using a tool.

Manual Method:

Here the testers recognise the different browsers for application support. The testers re-run the same tests on different browsers and observe the application behaviour. In this type of testing it is not possible to cover many browsers and the application might not be tested on different versions of the browser.

Automated Method:

The application must be running on the same tests repeated times on multiple browsers. This type repeated task is best suited for automation. There are some standard tools available for testing like Selenium, Browser sterling, Browser stack.

The tools will help us with all depending licensing types like:

  1. They provide a VPN using which you can connect to the remote machine.
  2. Screenshots and links are provided like how they appear in multiple browsers.
  3. Multiple browsers are synchronised with respect to operations performed.
  4. Show the rendition of the page at multiple browsers.
  5. When problem is occurred, screenshots are taken for further analysis
  6. Support is available for webpage and mobile apps
  7. Local, within a private or firewall network can be tested


  1. What is Cross Browser testing?
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