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How can functional test automation improve business ROI?

Test automation

Test automation is a way of testing the software using the automation testing tools. The choice of test automation for testing has to be done judiciously by the test leader. Testing is automated when the software application is huge and complex, requires repetitive and comprehensive testing, many test data sets are to be tested etc. ROI, return on investment is an important factor considered to choose the automation testing and tool required for it, because implementation of automation testing involves various cost associated with it.

When the business achieves some common benefits in terms of application quality and functionality, automation testing can be chosen. The better quality leads to actual benefits which a business desires, like

  • Increased ROI with more clients and happy loyal users.
  • Reduced time to market that gives a winning edge over the competition.
  • Employment is the best and superlative tools of QA available.
  • Confirmed cost saving.
  • Maximum resources as well as the efforts to collect them.

The automation practices on the functional testing, that help us achieve ROI in business are:

Reputation: A good functional testing automation tool, can ensure that your application can be without any bugs or malfunctions. This kind of software quality may increase your company reputation thereby increasing the profitability margin.

Controlled testing environment: As a part of in-house testing, the applications are tested under stress to check their break point. This type testing is done beyond the capacity. This improves the stability and scalability of the application.

Early bug detection: Functional testing code allows the application to be tested repeatedly, so that the mistakes can be traced early in the developing process. Early detection makes the applications to be bug free.

Speed and accuracy: This type of testing allows the application to be tested in shorter period of time with greater accuracy so that the application can be released at quicker pace of time.

Accessibility: Functional test allows access to objects data and operating systems.

Flexibility: The application is updated faster by using the functional testing tools again and again. Many organisations which were born digital, now are adopting the automation tool in order to correct the back failures fixes are made in constant basis and significantly mitigating the business risks. When it comes to testing, the leaders  of the enterprises, customer facing e-commerce websites and mobile applications give the greatest priority for automation tool. Test automation improves the software delivery process and conveys the number of critical advantages of bringing the software delivery to the next level.


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