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How do I start learning Tableau?

The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the connection through various online platforms. The more humans interact with the internet, the more data it generates. As a result, every business is witnessing the massive amount of data generated with every transaction. Whether it is small or big, the companies are gaining insights from data and making informed decisions rather than decisions on the mood and impulse of the executives. These insights do not easily come with the data since the data comes from various sources and forms. Companies should classify, process, and analyze the data to make informed decisions. After analyzing the data, the representation of the data plays an important role. Presenting the data in easy to interact and understandable dashboards help immensely, and this is where the need for a good data visualization tool arises. 

Why is data visualization needed?

Data visualization’s basic goal is to organize and represent the data available from multiple sources and formats in an easy to understand way.  All unnecessary data are being filled, and only actionable information is highlighted. Data visualization tools help to get the answer to various crucial questions. One can get the answer to the main questions, such as what are the current market trends? What is the relationship between the data? And many others. The picture says more than a word does, and the interactive dashboards say more than a picture. So, how can a data scientist do this crafty works? To produce such an interactive representation of data from a massive amount of data needs a capable tool, and Tableau is the best tool for all industries. 

Tableau is one of the top tools that rule data visualization in recent years, and if you want to learn it, you can enroll in the best tableau training classes onlineHowever, mere enrolling in the best course is not sufficient, so we provide the top tips to learn tableau. 

Observe the Data Visualizations online created through Tableau 

A kid learns things quicker than others; it is just because of the observations of the surrounding. The same applies to even adults. If you pay enough attention to anything, you can learn that quickly. You can see online how tableau is applied in different scenarios and how each industry depicted the data. 

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Follow the community

The community the most important thing when it comes to learning any programming language or other technical skills. You can subscribe to the tableau related lists and follow other users and interact to get clarified with your doubts and exchange ideas. This will help to get out of the most common problem you face during your practice. 

Read as much as you can

It may seem like an old school way of learning, but it is still an effective way to learn. There are numerous offline and online resources are available to learn more about this tool. Online, you can learn from many sources. However, there are useful resources that are available to master your skills. 

Practice makes visualization perfect! 

Everyone knows that there is no substitute for practice. The more you practice, the more you will master your skills quickly. You must set aside some time to practice daily. There is no best way to learn new software other than spending more time with it. Download and install the Tableau desktop version and start exploring every feature of the tableau. Also, use Tableau public to publish your interactive visualizations online. From this tool, you can download the works of others and analyze how they created the visualizations. 

Get trained

Self-learning is always a tricky thing. It needs more discipline and dedication from the learners. If you also find it difficult to follow the discipline, you can enroll in the best tableau online training. The online courses come with a perfect study plan, and it lets you know your current mastery level. 

Surround with other learners  

The more you surround yourself with fellow Tableau learners, the more you talk and discuss it. It will help you to get more creative ideas and know the best practices of Tableau. To do this, you can engage with Tableau user groups or meet the local tableau users, etc. 

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