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What is Python? What are the Benefits of Using Python?

Who would have thought that something that was started as a hobby project will rule the programming world? Guido Van Rossum in 1989 was looking to work on a project to keep him busy during Christmas. And he chose to name it after a British comedy troupe called Monty Python. So, that’s how what we have today, the 2nd most popular programming language – Python. What’s more, Python is touted to be one of the easiest computer languages to learn. Choose the best online Python course and become an expert in the most widely used language in the world.

What is Python?

Python is an open-source, high-level, dynamically-typed, portable, expressive, easy to learn, and code programming language. The very fact that Python is available open-source is the reason for the existence of large community support for the programming language. Top companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Pinterest, Disney, Nokia, IBM have Python as their main Programming language. So, what is it about Python that is creating such a buzz?

Various applications of Python:

  • Building various GUI based Desktop applications
  • Games development
  • Web frameworks and applications
  • Enterprise or business applications
  • Data Science

What are the advantages of using Python?

More than being an exceptional programming language, it is the combination of features that makes Python widely adopted for diverse applications development.

  • Third-Party Modules

Python Package Index (PyPI) comprises a multitude of third-party modules which makes Python integrate with other languages and platforms easily.

  • Presence of Libraries

Python is fraught with numerous standard libraries that include string operations, internet protocols, web service tools, Machine Learning libraries, and operating System Interfaces. The presence of these libraries essentially helps in reducing the code to be written by the programmer.

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  • Open Source and free

Python is free for use even for commercial purposes. Moreover, active

developers can contribute by developing modules and appending them to the existing library.

  • Huge Support Community

Due to lack of official technical support for Python is open-sourced has prompted the development of communities that enrich the resource bank for continued development and adoption of the language.

  • Easy to learn

Python is popular for its excellent readability. This means, even a non-programmer can read and comprehend the uncluttered syntax. The PEP 8 guidelines provide a set of rules to help in formatting the code.

  • User-Friendly data structures

With its built-in data structures, Python can easily construct run-time data structures including Arrays, Lists, tuples, and Files.  

  • Speed

Being expressive and with object-oriented design, Python contributes to increased speed and productivity even with less amount of coding. Python is considered ideal for developing complex, multi-protocol network applications.

How can Python online course at H2K Infosys help?

Beginners/non-programmers can as well learn Python due to its short learning curve.

  • We cover the Python core concepts, then move on to Python as a Web application development tool using Django.
  • We then progress further, learning Python libraries that are ideal for Data Science.
  • The live instructor-led sessions held by training experts with vast industry knowledge give our sessions an edge over the others.
  • The intermittent quizzes, interactive coding exercises help our learners stay up-to-date with their peers in the batch.
  • We also provide life-time access to video recordings of our sessions.
  • 24×7 access to the cloud test lab and training material.
  • Weekend and weekday evening classes for executives.

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