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What is Python? How Difficult is it to Learn Python?

Python programming is a popular skill among programmers and can be acquired with the correct certification program. As a backend programming language, Python is used extensively in the IT setups of various corporations. So, if you learn Python programming, it can be beneficial for your career growth. Read on to find out how difficult it is to acquire Python skills.

What is Python Programming?

The programming language was created by Guido van Rossum in 1989 in C-language with a range of dynamic semantics. Today, it is seen as a general-purpose coding language. Python programming can be easily used for web and software development. Typically, this skill is needed for mobile or desktop app development and writing system scripts.

However, in recent times, Python programmers have started using their skills in performing mathematical computations and processing Big Data. the programming language supports different object-oriented programming language features adding to its popularity.

How Difficult is it to Learn Python?

Python can handle a wide range of tasks and it is considered an extremely beginner-friendly programming language. As one of the easiest programming languages to learn, Python is simple, strong, as well as flexible. It also supports a gradual learning curve making it easier to understand than most other complicated programming languages.

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All coding languages require the coder to learn collaboration while developing communication and creative problem-solving skills. And since Python is considered an important component of any comprehensive IT ecosystem, acquiring this skill can be highly beneficial. It is important to keep the following tips in mind before you learn Python online or in a classroom.

The Tips You Need to Follow for Easy Python Learning

Daily Practice

As with every other training program, you need to practice it daily in order to make it stick. Be consistent in your practice as you are learning a new language. This is the most important tip to follow while learning any new programming language. You do not have to commit hours together every day. Begin by practicing dedicatedly for a few minutes and gradually increase this time limit. Anywhere between 20-30 minutes of daily practice is sufficient.

End Result

Be clear as to why you are acquiring this skill. If you are not motivated enough, then you may end up leaving the course mid-way. Also, no skills can be learned overnight. It is a long-drawn process and without sufficient motivation, it can be difficult to complete it fruitfully.

Python programming skill is highly relevant for you if your career interests lie in data science, mobile or web app development, machine learning, data processing, and analysis. 

Basic Syntax

If you are interested in learning Python at a deeper level in the future, then it is important that you start by learning the correct basics of Python syntax at the beginning itself. For best results, as soon as you learn the basics of Python syntax, try to move onto working on projects for practical skill and knowledge. Practicing while learning will also help you understand Python programming much better and you can always refer back to learning material if you need help while working on the project.

Try on Your Own

Once you have acquired the confidence in the basic syntax you can move onto making more structured projects. You can apply the knowledge that you have gained to see if you are learning in the right direction.

Once you have practiced sufficiently with structured projects, you can move on to programming Python projects on your own. You can still continue to consult resources if you come across new concepts. This step will actually help you identify why type of Python programming projects do you want to work on. You can also gain a better knowledge of debugging issues and working with associated tools.

Keep on increasing the intensity and difficulty of projects gradually to master Python programming skills. You can also share your knowledge with a beginner to assess how much you have learned.


Python is considered as one of the easiest and most rewarding programming languages today. Just make sure that you spend time on it daily, even if you feel that you have mastered the skill. 

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