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Between Java and Python, which one is better to learn first, and why?

The programming languages are everywhere; it is the lifeblood of any program or software. Through programming languages, you can provide instructions, commands, and control your application. Your software’s success, ease of use and effectiveness, and entire performance depend on the programming language, and you can’t ignore it. The first problem for developers is choosing the best programming language to develop any application or web service. If you are a beginner in the programming field, it is essential to choose a programming language that is easy to learn, use, and master yet allows you to comfortably build complex programs. So, when it comes to learning from scratch without prior knowledge of programming languages, you can narrow down the large list to two languages, Java and Python. Both programming languages are easy to learn and used by millions of developers, and adopted by many institutes and companies. In this post, let us look at which is best for you if you are a beginner. 


Python is an open-source, general-purpose programming language ideal for Rapid Application Development. The built-in data structures and dynamical typing help to reduce the cost of maintaining the program significantly. The interpreter and other library resources are available at no cost and become the perfect choice for those who are not ready to invest more money in developing the program. Hence, python online training for beginners has become more popular among beginners and startup businesses. 


Java is also an open-source high-level programming language similar to C++ and a complete object-oriented language. It is a write-once-run anywhere programming language without any dependency and possible glitches. 

Comparison between Python and Java


Python is a dynamic language; hence while typing, a developer doesn’t have to input any variables. The syntax of Python is easy and pretty similar to English. Another thing that makes it easy is because it won’t follow enclosing braces and indentation rules. These features make the language uncomplicated and beginner-friendly. 

Java, on the other hand, follows strict syntax rules, and you are required to type all variables, and if there is any anomaly or error in the code, it won’t run. 

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Python and Java are the most popular in the programming languages, and the popularity is almost equal. The neck-to-neck fight over popularity is going on for many years since, as per one report, Java gets the tag as the best programming language and in another Python gets the top place. However, both are used by millions of people for different requirements, and both are backed by strong community support. Python is the best choice for complete beginners, and due to this, Python certification training is becoming a hot topic for beginners. 

Machine learning

Machine learning, artificial intelligence are getting more popular with increased demand from businesses these days. Python is easy to learn and a comfortable choice because of the easy syntax structure. Python allows experiments with machine learning easily. Due to this reason, many companies are adapting Machine Learning using Python. 

The easy debugging and usage features of Java are also helping the companies to implement Java for machine learning. Due to this, it is used on an enterprise-level and on a large scale. 


Both Java and Python enjoy millions of active users worldwide. Python is used in developing games, language development, graphic designing and image processing, prototyping, operating systems, and machine learning applications. Numerous user groups support even Java, and it is best suited for Desktop GUI apps, Middleware Products, Enterprise Solutions & Embedded Systems, and Mobile Applications. Both of these programming languages support game development. 


Both Python and Java run compiling bytecode & running the codes on virtual machines. This feature provides the capabilities of using the codes on any operating system ( cross-platform). Both seem to be similar when it comes to performance, but a fundamental difference exists between these two. 

Java uses static typing syntax, and due to this, compilation becomes easier and works faster than dynamically typed syntax. This reduces errors significantly. Python uses the dynamically typed syntax, and this makes Python much slower compared to Java. However, to overcome this problem comes with numerous advantages, so Python online tutorials are getting more fame. 

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