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Classic ASP Vs. ASP .Net

The most common dilemma people have between ASP and ASP.Net. Let us look at the differences between these two in this article and will help to choose the best ASP .net online course. Classic ASP, or commonly known as ASP, is the first-ever server-side script engine introduced by Microsoft. It is used by many developers to create dynamic web pages. After generating the content, it will send the content to web browsers. 

On the flip side, ASP.Net is a server-side open-source web framework designed to create dynamic pages and allows web developers to create dynamic web applications, websites, and web services. There is no doubt that ASP.Net comes with various features to help developers make their job easier. In the next section, you can find the major differences between these two. 

Head to Head Comparison between ASP.Net and ASP


Classic ASP is a server-side engine that generates scripts, or in simple terms, it is a scripting language. ASP.Net is a web framework, and it supports all compiled languages such as C#. VB, J# .Net, etc.  

Object Orientation

ASP does not use an Object-oriented approach. On the other hand, ASP.Net is an Object-Oriented web framework. Due to this reason, many organizations are looking for professionals with ASP.Net background. If you want to learn this skill, you need to do certification. 

ADO Support

ASP comes with a simple COM, and it can perform a minimal set of operations wherein ASP.Net supports the integration of XML from numerous sources of data. 

Process Isolation

ASP works under an ISS or inetifo.exe process. On the other hand, ASP.Net runs distinctly by using aspnet_wp.exe. The working of these two methods is completely different. 


Since ASP scripts need to be interpreted on the fly, you can see the performance hit. But ASP.Net does not suffer from the performance hit since all components can be assembled. This is from the performance degradation aspect. When it comes to performance improvement, classic ASP is not efficient as ASP.Net since its evaluation stops the server-side script and static HTML makes the interpreter invoke several times. Consequently, large blocks play an important role in enhancing their performance. ASP.Net is more efficient since the scope for performance improvement is comparatively less. 


Debugging can become an exciting thing, or sometimes it can bring all the frustration to you. This is why the need for the best platform, which provides the ease of debugging, is essential. If you are looking for the best debugging out of these two, ASP.Net has the upper hand over the classic ASP. This is why you can see many Dot Net online training courses are in demand these days. 

In classic ASP debugging process becomes more challenging because it needs the interpreting of ASP scripts. On the other hand, in ASP.Net, error management becomes comfortable since it generates errors and compiles errors. It enables the debugging process smoother. 


ASP has no luxury of separating design from its programming logic. ASP.Net contains all the necessary event handling codes behind every file. 


In ASP, there is no inheritance concept. And this is where ASP.Net has the advantage since it comes with the inheritance concept. If you want to know more about it, enrolling to
.Net online certificate programs are the best possible way. 

Other Key Differences

  • In the classic ASP apps, the replacement or updating of components is difficult.  The reason is while replacing them, and you need manually shut down its server and need to restart after replacing it. In ASP.Net, the replacement of the components is not a problem at all. 
  • ASP doesn’t come with the luxury of running on non-Microsoft based platforms or Apache server. In the case of ASP.Net, developers can comfortably be integrated with other non-Microsoft platforms. 
  • In the case of classic ASP, it supports only two programming languages. They are JavaScript and VBScript. In ASP.Net, it supports VB.Net and C# along with the languages supported in ASP. 


The points are clear that ASP.Net offers more flexibility and ease of use, and you can expect the same since ASP .Net is the newer and advanced version compared to classic ASP. However, you cannot rule out ASP’s necessity since, for some projects, it becomes essential. Thus, it is an added advantage for a developer to know both versions. 

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