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GUI Testing

To understand this type of testing firstly we should know what is GUI. Basically there are two types of interfaces- command line interface and Graphical User Interface. Command Line, where  in we type commands and computer responds to that command. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface where in, we interact with the computer using images or graphics rather than text.

The example for GUI is:

GUI Testing: Complete Guide

GUI testing is a type of software testing which checks the Graphical user Interface of the software. The main goal of this testing is to make sure, the functionalities of the software application work as per the specification. This is done by checking screens and controls like menus, buttons,icons etc.

GUI is mainly what the user sees on their computer screen. Like if we visit we see the homepage which is GUI. Here the user doesn’t see the source code. The interface is visible to the user.

GUI Testing: Complete Guide

Here in the above example first we check the images which should be completely visible to the users.

Why we need GUI testing?

The basic concept of GUI testing is very clear. There are a few questions which come to our mind like 

  • Why we need GUI testing?
  • Is it really needed?
  • Does testing of functionally and logic of application is not more than enough?

A normal user first observes very carefully the design and look of the application/software and how easy it is for him to understand the UI. If a user is not comfortable with interface or find an application as a complex one, then user is never going to use it again. GUI is a matter of concern and a proper testing of which should be carried out in order to make the GUI as free of bugs and user friendly.

What we check-in GUI testing?

The following is a checklist of what should be tested during GUI testing:

  • we have to check all the GUI elements may be for size, position, width, length and acceptance of characters or may be numbers.
  • we have to check if we can execute the intended functionality of the application using GUI.
  • We have to check error messages if they are displayed correctly.
  • We have to check font used in an application if it is readable.
  • We have to check the colour of the font and warning messages if they are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Check that images if they are properly aligned.

Techniques of GUI testing

  1. Manual based Testing Technique– Graphical screens are checked manually by testers if  they are in conformance with requirements stated in the business requirements document.
GUI Testing: Complete Guide

2. Record and Replay

GUI testing can be done using automation tools. This is done in two parts. During playback the recorded test steps are executed on Application Under Test.

For example- UFT

GUI Testing: Complete Guide

3. Model based Technique

GUI Testing: Complete Guide

A model which is graphical description of a system’s behaviour. It helps to understand and predict the system behavior. Models help in a generation of efficient test cases using the system requirements. The following are needs of this technique:

  • Build the model
  • determine inputs for the model
  • calculating the expected output for the model.
  • run the tests.
  • A decision on further action on the model.

Some of the modelling techniques from which test cases can be derived are:

  • Charts- depict the state of a system and check the state after input.
  • Decision tables- tables used to determine results for each input applied.
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