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Is Python More Popular Than Ruby?

Yes, Python is having the edge over Ruby when it comes to popularity. But why? To answer this burning question, we first must understand the differences between these two. So, in this post, let us try to understand what things differentiate these two programming languages. If you have limited time and need to choose between these two, learn what makes Python more popular. It helps you to enroll in the best python course with peace of mind. 

The key differences between Python and Ruby

Use cases

In the web applications creating organization, Ruby is familiar. With Ruby, programming becomes more accessible to develop the program rather than coding from scratch. Rails of Ruby uses MVC structure (Model View Control) and separates datasets, business functions, and user interface. 

On the other hand, Python is one of the popular MVC frameworks, but it is not only restricted to the web applications domain.  The tools such as Pandas library – assist in data preparation and munging, TensorFlow -facilitates machine learning, Matplotlib – a powerful tool for data visualization. 

From the user’s perspective, Python is gaining the upper hand, and for the same reason, many people are looking for Python online training in USA. However, if you are looking primarily for web apps, Ruby is the winner. 

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The Language

Python uses the Django web framework, and Ruby uses the framework on Rails web. If you look at these two languages, they look similar, but they are poles apart when it comes to problem-solving approaches. 

Ruby comes with greater flexibility and helps the developers in many ways. With Ruby on Rails, a developer can do a lot of tricks to create elegant web apps. This feature gives a magical touch to your programs. But the same flexibility also can cause a lot of trouble. For example, if you get a bug, it is tough to determine the problem’s source. 

Wherein Python, the approach is very straightforward. Python aims at making everything visible to the programmer. This will take out some of the elegance from the play, but learning and debugging Python is the best choice. 

In Ruby, a lot more things are hidden behind the scenes, and this is what gives the flexibility as well as the problem. In Python, everything is transparent, and a programmer can easily find out what is happening and where. 

User Community

Python and Ruby both are backed by the substantial community. The community plays a significant role in getting updates, language direction, software design, etc. The broader community always brings more benefits. The comparison between the two Python gets a clear upper hand because it has a more comprehensive community than Ruby. There are plenty of math and science use cases available in Python when it comes to the academic aspects. Further, almost all Linux computers come with Python pre-installed because it is perfect for running Linux servers. This gives a competitive edge to Python. 

The popularity of Ruby kicked off in 2005 when Rails introduced. The Ruby community is focused on web development, and it also offers diverse functions, but Ruby’s community is not strong enough in front of Python. 


Well, let’s face the primary question head-on. Without a doubt, Ruby is gradually losing its popularity. It was in the 5th place in 2014 in the list of top programming languages, but after four years, the ranking slipped to 10th. On the other hand, Python has been boosting its place over the years. It was in the 4th place in the most used language lists in 204, and in the next year, it gained the third spot. From then, it is maintaining the same spot. 

If you search the remote jobs at Stack Overflow, you can find a vast difference. It shows almost twice the search results in Python than Ruby. Suppose you check at LinkedIn, Ruby trails behind Python by 20%. If you are looking for skills with high demand, Python is the best choice. However, if you want a niche job and higher pay for a longer-term, Ruby is the right choice. 

To summarize, in most of the aspects, Python takes the top spot, and when it comes to popularity, clearly Python is the winner. It is the best time to learn Python by opting for Python online coaching and start exploring. 

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