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Why is Data Visualization Important in Data Science

Data Science is a very wide and broad topic and it may be difficult to understand every part of it if you are not careful. When you understand the concept of Data Visualization, then you will be able to process a large amount of data and present it in a way that is easily understood. So to say that Data Visualisation is important is an understatement. Without Data Visualisation, you can not fully understand Data Science.

Data Visualisation is presenting data or information in the form of visuals. Visuals can be in the form of pie charts, graphs, histograms and so on. It presents the data in the form of analytics where it is easily understood. Even a beginner in data science would not find it hard to grasp the details of the data.

Data Visualization is extremely useful in Data science because you can easily understand the data and obtain meaningful information from it. I am sure that no data scientist would prefer data filled with large tables without bearing. On the other hand, a good scientist would prefer data that can be easily understood even without observing the rows of data in the table. A notable computer scientist named Ben Schneiderman once made a statement that visualisation gives you answers to questions you never knew you had. 

As a data science enthusiast, learning data visualisation Is a core aspect of you becoming a data scientist. There are various data science certificate courses that you can take to learn data visualisation. Apart from taking online courses, you can also register for physical data science training and also data science online training that you can register with to be taught data visualisation.

There are some major reasons why Data Visualization is important In Data Science and some of them are explained below:

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  1. Data Visualisation is interactive

Data Visualisation can be used by a Data Scientist to interact with the user in a way that textual table-based data cannot. Visualizing data is telling a story. This makes it interactive with the user. The user can also focus on the part of the data visualisation that they find interesting and focus on those aspects. By using data visualisation, you also get a holistic view of the data by using different types of visual charts and various colours and shapes. 

With all this, the user can easily understand the information that the data is passing across at a simple glance. 

  1. Data Visualization discovers the ‘hidden’ trends in Data

This is one of the most important things that data visualisation does. It fishes out trends in data that might seem hidden. This is because it is easier to discover data trends when all the data is laid out in front of you in a visual form as compared to when the data is In tabular form. For example, if a bar chart explains the number of sales carried out for a product every month; it is easy to understand that the month that has the highest bar is the month where the product is sold the most and the month that has the lowest bar is the month where the product is sold the least. On the other hand, it might be difficult to observe the trend if the data is presented in tabular form.

  1. Data Visualisation explains a data process

As a data scientist, you can use data visualization to demonstrate a data process from the beginning to the end. This process can be achieved by several different charts present in the dashboard of a data story which is used in conveying the data process. This method allows the user to access a lot of information present in multiple smaller visualizations so that they can easily digest the data and understand the seemingly large data process. This process might be difficult to convey with understanding data visualization because the viewers would not be able to understand the data process by just looking at the data tables.

A beginner in data science might not understand what a data process means, that is why it is important to take data science certificate courses and data science online training where you will be effectively taught what a data process is. You can also enroll yourself in physical data science training classes. 

  1. Data Visualisation provides a proper perspective on the data

Data Visualisation helps to magnify the meaning of days thereby providing more perspective. It portrays how data sets and particular data references stand concerning the overall data picture. Tableau is a good and efficient data tool for performing data visualisation functions and it is the perfect tool to explain this function. 

In a data science training class, be it a data science online class or physical data science class, you will be taught how to use Tableau for data visualisation. You will also be taught the tool if you register for a data science certificate course

  1. Data Visualisation strokes the imagination.

In data visualisation, your imaginative self is ignited. If you have a beautiful and well-articulated and presented data visualization, then you leave the viewer no choice but to expire their imaginative selves. This is because there is power in visual images to stroke imaginations when compared to textual tables. The human being is a visual being and our mind is more driven to visual images. This means that we understand visual format faster than textual format.

Visual images also allow the viewers to use their imagination to deeply analyse the visualisation which may provide them more insights into them, compared to just data tables. 

  1. Data Visualization is educational for users

Data contains knowledge, but it is left to the viewer to extract the knowledge in the data. That is why it might prove difficult to teach the knowledge by observing textual tables. Instead, data visualisation provides the information in a form that is easily understood. This makes it useful for educational purposes to easily provide information about a wide category of topics to the viewers. 


Data Visualization is very important when it comes to Data Science and this is because it is a more user-friendly method that can be used to understand data and also demonstrate the trend and patterns to the viewers. As a data science enthusiast, it is vital to fully understand the concept of Data Visualization and it can be learnt by taking a data science certificate course on data visualization. You can also take data science training classes both in the form of data science online training classes and physical training classes

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