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Apache Zeppelin Tutorial

Apache Zeppelin is a web notebook used for data analytics. Apache Zeppelin is an idea which takes a notebook or maybe an interactive shell for spark which will be an order of magnitude. This is a sophisticated tool for creating visualisations, reports from the spark or maybe Hive and then sharing those as live reports for users and also output reports and graphs as formatted web pages.

The notebook for analytics will be a tool like iPython Jupiter which allows us to walk through big data databases like spark or Hive in an interactive way. Spark has already interactive shells for python, Scala and R. We have output tables and graphs.

Zeppelin supports spark and Hive big data databases. They support Scala, python and spark SQL languages. We can walk through the data that do transformations and map-reduce operations and also fit machine learning and other algorithms into our data set. When we get a resulting dataset which we like we can turn all that into a web page. It supports web sockets where we can share the web page with others by echoing the output of our browser which can create live reports.

Zeppelin will support markdown and Angular that has meaning where we can make add HTML like elements to the page where we will make a boldface type and heading, bullet lists. Markdown will be the same syntax which we can use in considering an example the Git README page for a project.

Zeppelin Architecture

Zeppelin will be installed as a daemon on a Linux server. When we install it, we can tell where the spark will be installed and details about all the cluster by setting the Spark_Home and MESOS environment variables. The data scientists and also programmers that attack spark through Zeppelin. They will do transformation at the machine learning algorithms and also from the web browser.

Getting started with Apache Zeppelin with Amazon EMR:

Big data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence and also machine learning will be a subcategory of AI. These technologies will be having an important influence on all the aspects of modern lives. With their popularity, commercial enterprises, academic institutions and also the public sector will have to go on the public sector that has all rushed which will develop hardware and software solutions to decrease the barrier to entry and increase the velocity in ML and Data science and Engineers.

Organisations will create solutions which will combine and enhance these cloud-based big data analytics, data science, AI and ML services. Apache Zeppelin will be considered as a web-based polyglot, computational notebook. Zeppelin enables data-driven, interactive data analytics and document collaboration using a number of interpreters like Scala, Python, Spark SQL, and JDBC. Zeppelin will be one of the core applications supported natively by Amazon EMR.*rgbEHBUGS742VXAQorybzQ.png

In the above part, we have a two-part post that which we will explore the use of Apache Zeppelin on the EMR data science and also data analysis, by using a series of Zeppelin notebooks. The notebooks have the AWS Glue feature to manage, extract, transform and load (ETL) data. The notebooks will also have the feature that uses Amazon Relational database Service for software  Postgre SQL and also Amazon simple cloud storage service.

How to set Notebook as Zeppelin homepage? 

Here is the process for creating the homepage as

  1. We should create a notebook using Zeppelin
  2.  In the config file, set the notebook id.
  3.  To restart zeppelin

Create a notebook using Zeppelin

Create a new notebook using zeppelin we can use %md interpretor for markdown content any other interpretor we like it may also use the display system to generate text,html,table or Angular.Run(Shift+Enter) the notebook .

We should set the notebook id in the config file

We can set the id in the config file we also can copy from the last word in the notebook URL.

We have to set the notebook id to the ZEPPELIN_NOTEBOOK_HOMESCREEN environment variable or maybe zeppelin.notebook.homescreen property.

Restart Zeppelin

Restart the zeppelin by the command

./bin/zeppelin-deamon stop

./bin/zeppelin-deamon start


  1. What is Apache Zeppelin?
  2. Why Apache zeppelin is used?
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