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Best Way to Learn Java Programming Language

Programming is not everyone’s cup of tea. At the same time, not everyone is tech-savvy either. So, this blog is for those who have the passion to learn Java programming language. Java is essentially a versatile, multi-purpose, OOP language that can be used in a multitude of areas. Java is worth learning as it can help in android application development, web applications, games development, developing software tools such as, Hadoop, Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, etc., and scientific applications.

Why should one learn Java programming language?

Java is an evergreen language that is still relevant in software development and is simply ubiquitous. Here are the main reasons why we think every IT, non-IT personnel, or a beginner should learn Java:

  • 89% of desktops in the USA are capable of running Java
  • Over 9 million Java developers worldwide
  • Arguably the 2nd most popular programming language
  • No.1 Development platform for many software tools
  • Over 125 million TVs have the capacity to run Java
  • 3 Million + Mobile phones can run Java
  • All 5 of the top 5 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ship Java Micro Edition.
  • Huge demand for Java professionals worldwide.

The above statistics are enough proof that Java is still one of the most sought-after programming languages in the world.

How hard is it to learn Java?

Our advice is not to start learning the language with a mindset that coding is difficult. This is with the assumption that you are an absolute beginner. What’s more, have a tad bit of extra patience as you are going to learn from scratch.

So, let’s start with one step at a time:

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  • First and foremost, install the Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) along with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), such as Eclipse.
  • Self-study is fine; however, if you are non-programmer Java programming online training can help you learn Java in a structured and organized way.
  • An IDE is recommended as it takes care of the syntaxes for you; however, typing in the code completely is the best way to learn the programming language.
  • In case, you are adamant about learning Java your way, there is a large, diehard Java community out there that can help you with any questions you might have.

Best ways to learn Java Language for beginners

Which is the best way to learn Java? Well, there are numerous ways to ace the popular programming language.

Learn Java online

Learning Java online through live tutorials is a fun, hassle-free, planned, and interactive way to master it. However, picking the right training provider is the key. Therefore, we advise you to check for the curriculum, the number of hours of training, and the reviews before you zero-down on a particular online Java class. These days, the online training providers offer a free demo session upon request. So, opt for a free demo session before you make a decision.

Self-paced study

Java programming for beginners can prove to be tedious at times. However, there are many free online tutorials and websites like Oracle which provide Java content, video lectures, etc. These can help you learn the language. Through self-study you can quicken or slow down the pace of your learning and read/watch the content multiple times when you get stuck at any time.

Our sincere advice at this point is to code as you learn. Don’t wait until all the videos are exhausted and then start the hands-on practice. Instead, code all the way. Besides, the Java community is always there to help you out in the case, you go wrong.

Get a Book

Books like ‘Learn Java the Hard Way’ might cost you a few bucks, but what are a few dollars well spent. This book will cost you less than a decent outfit. The best part is the first 16 chapters of this book are free. So, you can test the waters before you dive in.

Now that we have listed down for you the ideal ways to learn Java, take your pick and nail it! Learn to code today, learn Java!

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