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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

There is no denying the tremendous effect that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence has brought upon the world. Having said that, the real concern is, to what degree is this effect in favor of humans?

The previous decade, and especially the recent years, has been groundbreaking for AI (Artificial Intelligence) less as far as what we can do with this innovation than what we are doing with it. For quite a long time – even before the initiation of the term – AI has stirred both dread and fervor as humankind mulls over making machines in our image. 

Furthermore, we may or may not realize but Artificial Intelligence is surrounding us, probably at this very moment. For example, Facebook utilizes AI innovation for image recognition. Additionally, AI has played its part in political campaigns, managing calendars, and is quickly drawing fundamentally everything! 

Subsequently, it turns out to be anything but difficult to state and infer that Artificial Intelligence, in the future, could some way or another supplant us, humans, soon. Having said that, it is also important to remember that the future we will see tomorrow is in our grasp and it totally relies upon us. That is actually what Artificial Intelligence has been offering to humans. In spite of all the frenzy encompassing it, AI will not interfere with our abilities; rather it will make us more productive – eventually, superhuman.

Artificial Intelligence and Jobs

One of the most argumentative debates that had the humans doubting Artificial Intelligence is surrounded by the fear of AI taking over all the jobs. Eventually, leading us, humans, to unhealthy, unproductive, and unimportant lifestyles.

Indeed, it does sound scary when we think of being left with no other option but to surrender ourselves to technology. Well, scary and delusional. 

If we zoom out and look, Artificial Intelligence Courses has been, in fact, helping humans to create more jobs, rather than taking over the existing ones. Statistically, by the year 2022, AI is expected to create 58 million new jobs. To provide a more relatable example, let us look more closely: web-based employment opportunities were non-existent 10 years back. Today, SEO experts, Social Media Managers, and Software Developers are acquiring six figures with the best innovation at their side.

Thus, it is safe to say that with Artificial Intelligence by our side, employment and the economy looks more on the brighter side, rather than moving towards the doom. 

Artificial Intelligence: by Humans, for Humans

The thing about Artificial Intelligence, which may be a boon or a bane, is that, eventually, the technology will consistently need to rely on and work together with humans. Thus, the secret lies in acknowledging what is uniquely human, and moving on, planning Artificial Intelligence to situate around the important commitment that individuals ought to be welcome to make. 

Humanized Artificial Intelligence draws a line between ‘human’ undertakings and ‘technological’ undertakings, taking on labor-intensive and redundant tasks. Some examples of human intelligence advancements, integrated with artificial intelligence, incorporate prescient shopping features and living store windows. However, reach out a long way past that. Imitating human emotion, reasonable robots are not anymore restricted to prototypes, in fact, are supplanting restaurant staff individuals by delegated control, by humans, over aspects like cleaning, client assistance obligations, and even greetings.


While Artificial Intelligence can help create medicinal benefits, it can not take over the healthcare industry. Yes, AI may read a psychology book in microseconds, it still will not be able to detect the cause of depression. Indeed, Artificial Intelligence may elevate graphic designing to an unimaginable level, but the emotions displayed through an oil painting will be missed. 

Artificial Intelligence is a helping hand to humankind, letting it become a threat or an advantage is entirely upon us. 

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