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How important is DevOps for your Agile team

You’ve probably seen the word “DevOps” used in a variety of ways over the past several years, and you’re probably just as perplexed as the rest of us who are still trying to figure this out. The phrase “DevOps” has gotten overused and has evolved to mean a number of different things, like many other technological buzzwords. Therefore, let’s first define DevOps so that you may choose how much time and attention to devote to it before discussing whether it is still necessary for you and your team. Check out the online Agile certification course to learn more about DevOps and Agile.

What is “DevOps”?

DevOps can be viewed as one of the following:

  • A group of tools.
  • A procedure.
  • A set of guidelines.
  • A mindset or culture.

There is no single definition of what “DevOps” actually means, which is where the problem lies. Companies have taken the liberty of using the word “DevOps” wherever it makes sense to them, which is typically one or more of the following, as there is no official definition for it. In my opinion, DevOps is most frequently linked to technologies and processes, with values and culture frequently taking a backseat.

Around 2007, the term “DevOps,” which combines the terms “Dev” for “Development” and “Ops” for “Operations,” began to be widely used. The main point is that you shouldn’t manage the two operations as separate entities with a handoff in the middle, but in practice, it’s difficult for these two activities to coexist and work as one unit. This is because “Dev” concentrates on putting new ideas into practice, whereas “Ops” concentrates on consistency and predictability. The term “DevOps” was created in an effort to obfuscate the distinction between development and operations, promote higher-order thinking (such as systems thinking), and foster collaboration by dismantling organisational silos.

How does DevOps make a difference?

Friction and conflict could arise when two groups and two sets of activities are combined. In order to effect significant change, this is a necessary component of transformation. 

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What advantage can an organisation anticipate from making all of these efforts, which are likely to upset existing processes? DevOps helps teams to investigate ways to minimise waste and improve efficiency improvements that can significantly enhance time-to-market and product quality by looking at the end-to-end process flow from the perspective of the end consumer/customer.

How important is DevOps for your Agile team

So what does “systems thinking” really mean? It implies that a company must consider the wider picture and attempt to optimise the complete system rather than wasting time and money on system components that might not yield significant benefits. For instance, if you want to increase the speed of your race car, changing the engine alone might not be enough if other important systems like the transmission, differential, exhaust and intake system, and tires are not taken into consideration. By upgrading the engine alone, you will probably experience some advantages in speed, but if you neglect all the other connected components that contribute to the engine’s optimal performance, you might not profit from the new engine.

How important is DevOps for your Agile team

How do teams apply DevOps?

Many factors need to be taken care of in order to implement DevOps practices as effectively as possible. If the people and tools are in place to support the change, a significant process modification will only have an impact on the process’ overall effectiveness. Teams must therefore operate in new structures, use new tools, and change the way they work. Many businesses believe that all they need to do to adopt DevOps is to expand their toolkit. Tooling, however essential, is really a minor element. The majority of the time, an effective DevOps deployment will make use of an Agile team structure to support the technological techniques.

How important is DevOps for your Agile team

How do I know if I need to apply DevOps?

DevOps is no longer a novel idea, and many businesses have already incorporated these concepts and methods into their corporate cultures. DevOps will assist you in making considerable progress toward your objectives if your company emphasises continual learning, customer happiness, quick feedback loops, maximum efficiency, and a culture of systems thinking. DevOps is practically essential if you’re creating a software solution if you want your team to continue competing in the market. Your organisation will probably recognize the need to change how you operate sooner or later as the sophistication of tools and processing power continues to advance at an astounding rate; adopting a proactive stance will increase your chances of gaining the competitive edge that others are also vying for.


 DevOps is an essential concept to learn if you want your Agile team to be successful. To learn more about DevOps and how it implies Agile, check out the online Agile training.

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