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Apache Netbeans provides the development environment and framework to build software applications in Java SE, PHP, and HTML5. It can be used to integrate with the external tools and services mainly used for beginners in the programming domain.

netbeans - NetBeans Vs Eclipse

Advantages of using Netbeans:

  1. Netbeans IDE has various features like a profiler and a custom dashboard to display SQL queries, locks, threads, memory, and CPU consumed per process. These will help to solve the performance and memory issues and modify them.

2. Netbeans IDE has local support for JavaFX, Java library creates the desktop and rich and internet applications with 2D, 3d Shapes, effects, animations, UI controls, charts, and media support

JavaFX feature in Netbeans:

JavaFX feature in NetBeans

3. Local support for Ant, Maven, and Gradle that create automation tools will support quickly building the Java-based applications in Netbeans IDE, Eclipse IDE needs to install a plug-in to work with these build tools.

4. Inbuilt assistance for subversion, Git, and Mercurial version control tools in Netbeans IDE will provide associating delivery and deployment of applications built using Netbeans IDE.

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5. Netbeans has built-in drag-drop features to develop graphical user interface applications using the swing framework in Java.

6. Netbeans IDE will come with native support for Glassfish, tomcat, and Java EE servers to develop web applications, services, and enterprise applications in Java. Eclipse IDE requires configuration steps, including a server runtime environment to combine servers in IDE.

7.  The code compare feature in Netbeans IDE has developers to compare differences between files of the same code in many versions, Eclipse requires install plug-ins to include this property.

8. Netbeans IDE gives unit testing templates for applications developed in C and C++ language and is particular about test framework Junit or TestNg to build unit tests for Java code developed in Netbeans IDE.

9. Refactoring built-in assistance in the current Netbeans IDE that names the classes and variables and dependent classes.

It Is mandatory to install Java development kit JDK version 1.8 or higher before installation of Eclipse or Netbeans IDE.

JDK contains Java runtime environment JRE, a debugger to validate the portion of code for unit testing, and Java API that consists of built-in classes that are pre-compiled and provide various functionalities.

Eclipse is an open-source Java-integrated development environment that can be used to develop software applications using the editor and various plug-ins for c/c++, Java, Javascript, PHP, and HTML5.

eclipse IDE - NetBeans Vs Eclipse

Comparison between Eclipse and Netbeans:

Eclipse Netbeans

2. Eclipse uses a compiler that Java Javac compiler allows running broken code with unresolved errors and display warning and compared to the Javac compiler.supports developing PHP, Javascript, c/c++ and all the  JavaFX, JavaEE, JavaME and web applications.
3. Eclipse IDE for JavaEE and web developer tools that are required to install in order to support JavaEE and Java-based web development.Netbeans IDE uses a Javac compiler present in JDK installed on the client machine for compiling Java source code.
3. Eclipse IDE for JavaEE and web developer tools that are required to install in order to support JavaEE and Java based web development.Developing Java enterprise application development like JSP and servlet is simpler than in Eclipse IDE.
4. Eclipse has JDBC driver support but has to configure them working with the database.Netbeans IDE does not have inbuilt support for modeling and requires installing EMF SDK, OSGi bundle.

Why are Netbeans used for?

Netbeans IDE is open source integrated development environment application development on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris operating systems. This IDE makes the development of web and enterprise and desktop and mobile applications having  Java and HTML5 platforms easy. This IDE assists in the development of PHP and C/C++ applications. Netbeans IDE provides a good set of tools for Java web enterprise, desktop, and mobile application development. It is consistently the first IDE to assist the latest versions of the JDK, JavaEE and JavaFX. It has smart overviews to help us understand and control applications by including out-of-box support for technologies like Maven.


1. What are Netbeans?

2. What are the advantages of Netbeans over Eclipse?

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