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QA Tutorials Tool Tool is platform which includes almost to all the prime factors like authoring and execution, maintenance, troubleshoot, reporting of automated tests. With all the introduction to the concept of Dynamic locators as they focus more few testing types like functional testing, end-end testing and UI testing.

It also increases the extensibility and also stability of our test suites. It gives the teams and also organizations, the flexibility to extend the functionalities of the platform using complex programming logic with javascript and HTML.

How this tool is different from other tool?

Testim will differentiate itself from other tools.There have been several vendor tools and also open source tools that has tried to address the various problems related to automated testing.But the only problem was to use the static ID.

Consider an example like developer changes the ID name or some attribute of any element on the webpage. This automated tests immediately break due to the change as it is still referring to the old ID name. This will lead to unstable tests and testers which have spend a lot of time in maintaining them. This concept of Dynamic locaters, The Artificial Intelligence underneath the platform in the real time, analyzes all the DOM objects of the page and extracts the objects and its  properties.

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The final AI decides the best location strategy to locate a particular element based on the analysis. Tool is a platform, NOT a record

It has a robust features which will not help to automate our tests but it also takes care of other important aspects of the tests such as running our tests locally and in the cloud also combining with CI/CD systems, capturing logs and also screenshots of test runs, by giving detailed report of the test run with graphs, statistics and other related information.

The next considerations is it will provide all the organisations and teams flexibility to create their own wrappers entire the platform by difficult programming logic with the javascript and HTML and anyone can extend the functionality of platform.

Testim helps us to do the following ways:

  1. creating a Test-we create a new test by clicking on ”Create New or “New test” Tool
  1. Recording and playing back test-when we click the “Record button, we will record different actions in our applications.After recording the different actions, click on “stop recording” button to finish recording our tests. Use play button to replay the recorded test  and the “save” button to save the tests. Tool
  1. Assertions and validations

This helps us to make validations of different attributes of an elements and really simple API’s.

Validation And Assertions
  1. Labelling Tests- Testim provides the feature to label each and every test user creates.there are two reasons, it helps us the reason for for which test was created in the first place.It also helps us to  run the tests with the same label all at once through the CLI feature.
Labeling Test

Testim will not import selenium scripts: tool doesnot import any selenium scripts from the other tools like selenium, Apppium. Here the importing takes a lot time and also inherits the same maintenance issues of the selenium. Testim focuses on ease of authoring and AI –powered stability. Users can create stable tests fast and also faster than scripting. The new test cases can be authored quickly as we can import and modify a selenium test in another tool.

The key factor of is its stability this tool uses dynamic locators instead of static ids. The tests are more stable than and also can run the tests the smarter the AI becomes ensuring more stability to the automated tests.

The best practices of writing automated tests is creating the reusable components that is used in the different parts of the test suite. Creating the reusable components is very important because

  1. It helps us to increase the readability of the automated tests.
  2. It also saves the lot of effort by not repeating the same steps in the different parts of the tests.


1. What is tool?

2.Why Testim is so important than anyother tool?

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