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The Best Salesforce Training Platform in 2021

Salesforce can be said to be the largest name when it comes to cloud-based Customer relationship management (CRM). It is proven that more than 150,000 companies make use of Salesforce. It has also proven to be very lucrative especially for technologists. According to Burning Glass, a technology expert making use of Salesforce platforms can earn an average annual salary of about $71,125. Also, according to levels. FYI, a member of the technical staff at Salesforce can earn an average salary of about $117,889, with a bonus of about $11,778.

Even if money is not your driving force when using Salesforce, it is still worth learning because Salesforce is critical especially if you plan to work in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) environment. According to Stratten Waldt of Baobab partners, you can use the knowledge gotten when learning Salesforce to other areas as far as you understand its functionality. Thai Nguyen, the Chief Innovation Officer at Inspire Planner, pointed to an IDC report conducted that said the Salesforce economy will most likely create over three million jobs by 2022. Even though this assumption does not come to pass, you can rest assured that Salesforce will continually generate job activities for years to come, especially now that most companies and businesses adopt cloud apps.

All these facts listed above are only beneficial to you if you fully understand Salesforce as a concept and everything that applies to it. Also, due to constant changes and updates on the array of features available on Salesforce, some people might say it is difficult to learn the Salesforce platform. That is why it is important as a beginner to enroll in Salesforce training classes or register for Salesforce online training. This will help you by giving you what you need to become a Salesforce professional. Some of these training are free so it gives you more leverage. But it is also good to be certified as a Salesforce professional. You can get this by doing Salesforce certification training.

Due to the popularity of the Salesforce platform, there are various tools, materials, and courses to choose from. But H2K Infosys is the most common and reliable training platform for learning Salesforce. In this article, we will look at H2K Infosys as a training platform for learning Salesforce.

H2K Infosys

This is one of the largest Salesforce training platforms. They have numerous capabilities including Salesforce training and consultancy. Over the years, they have built a strong partnership with Salesforce and its independent software vendors which include Cloud Sense, Apttus, CloudCraze, Service Max, Financial Force, amongst others.

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H2K Infosys has over 8,000 customer resource management (CRM) consultants that offer end to end services. They also have 1,200 certified Salesforce cloud experts who have done the Salesforce certification training.

They also have service offerings that include package consulting, domain consulting, application radicalization and modernization, capex to opex return of investment (ROI) analysis. Their experts have expertise on various areas which includes integration with different back-end systems and mobile platforms.

H2K Infosys have personnel who have vast Salesforce deployment experience across different industries like financial services and insurance, retail and CPG, energy, discrete manufacturing, amongst others.

This training platform provides various Salesforce courses aiming to teach a specific concept. The two major ones are the Salesforce Admin Certification course and the Salesforce Developer Certification course.

Salesforce Developer Certification Course

H2K Infosys provides Salesforce Developer Certification Course as part of their Salesforce certification training programs which can help you to become an expert in building CRM workflows, analysing company processes, customizing applications for various businesses, developing codes for businesses, scaling processes for different organizations, collaborating with other teams to code customized, amongst others.

If you want to have a career as a Software developer, this course is for you. There are Salesforce training classes that you can take, and since H2K Infosys is a good Salesforce online training platform, you can be sure to be taught well.

As a Salesforce developer, you have to be able to design and develop business workflow, and also convert business requirements into solutions that will be suitable for your business or company. You are also in charge of building, testing, and implementing all the software needs of a company. These needs can include configuring, coding, installing, testing, debugging, maintaining, and documenting the software development processes. The Salesforce developer certification course provides you with the opportunity to learn all these.

Salesforce Admin Certification Course

The Salesforce Admin Certification course aims to teach the concepts required of a Sales Admin. This course covers end-to-end Salesforce Administration which includes creating organizational set up on Global UI, handling sales and management applications, forming user setup, conducting and supporting community applications, creating analytics reports and dashboards, developing capabilities that will handle both desktop and mobile administration of Salesforce 1.

As a Salesforce Administrator, you are to be proficient in the Salesforce suite of products. You can be regarded as the gatekeeper in charge of sales and marketing data. You also have to work with other stakeholders in setting up and maintaining the Salesforce platform. You have to make sure that customers can use the platform easily without difficulty.  So if you intend to become a Salesforce Administrator then this course is for you. This is because H2K Infosys can provide you with numerous opportunities to have a long-term and satisfying career path as a Salesforce Administrator thereby helping you to excel in your career. There are also Salesforce training classes that you can take, and because H2K Infosys is one of the best Salesforce online training platforms, you can be sure to learn a lot.


Salesforce training is essential for you to have a successful career in your company that uses Salesforce. In this article, we have looked at why Salesforce training is essential for you. We have also looked at H2K Infosys as one of the best Salesforce training platforms that you can use to learn Salesforce. Other sales force training platforms provide good salesforce training classes and also offer both salesforce online training and salesforce certification training that will improve your Salesforce knowledge.

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