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What is Risk Analysis during Testing & Pen Testing?

What is Risk Analysis during Testing?

Identifying and Analyzing the possible risks that can potentially affect the testing is called Risk Analysis. Risk analysis is usually performed while preparing the test plan.

The possible risks can be-

  • Incompatible/ Inadequate automation tools.
  • Insufficient testing resources.
  • Delays in coding and debugging phases that limit the testing time.
  • Increased costs / Low budget for testing.

What is Pen Testing?

Pen Testing is also called as Penetration testing. It is widely used in Security testing. Testing an application/network with intent of finding vulnerabilities is called Pen testing. While performing this test, Tester acts like an official hacker to find out the risks and security weaknesses within the application. Tester tries to identify entry points for hackers while officially attempting to break-in the application.

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