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6 Incredible Salesforce Job Roles You Need To Know Today

Salesforce is an excellent by-product of CRM that has contributed immensely to the growth and expansion of several businesses, especially in increased lead conversion, improved customer satisfaction, faster distributions, and high revenue generation.

Salesforce CRM has gained recognition in several business enterprises in the technology field. The need for Salesforce professionals applies to all industries with lots of job opportunities for Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Business Analysts, and Salesforce Developers. More and more businesses are signing Salesforce-related contracts daily. Hence the rising demand for Salesforce skills, knowledge, and expertise. In recent times, small businesses are beginning to invest in Salesforce; larger firms are upgrading their Salesforce systems to meet up with company requirements; this has paved the way for more Salesforce job roles. This article would be looking at the top six Salesforce job roles that you can apply for. So join me, and let’s ride.

  1. Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce developer is an individual with a deep understanding of the Salesforce working principles and its constraints, building cloud-based software via a platform provided by A Salesforce developer has undergone Salesforce training and is well-grounded in Salesforce and VisualForce. He must also be a coding expert and must be able to code using APEX, JAVA, and other programming languages. The basic salary of a contractual Salesforce developer is roughly 120 dollars per hour and about 130k per annum. There is a high need for Salesforce developers relative to the low supply.

  1. Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce administrator is a go-to person in an organization expected to have a thorough understanding of Salesforce principles. A Salesforce administrator performs the following functions: customer maintenance, development of reports, workflow rules, and controlling dashboards. A salesforce administrator is a business operation specialist who collaborates with stakeholders to fix various shortcomings in the entire process. To become a Salesforce administrator, you must have undergone a Salesforce administrator course or taken Salesforce admin classes. Some qualities of a reputable Salesforce administrator include:

  • Salesforce administrators deal with people at all the various levels in the organization, from the CEO to the customers, so they must possess exceptional communication skills. Hence, certain professionals who can communicate efficiently with other individuals of different levels will outshine as administrators. 
  • The job function of a Salesforce administrator involves constantly meeting with the customer. Hence, a person with patience and the capability to listen to and understand a client’s complaints, needs, and pain points will do great.
  • One advantage of Salesforce as a CRM tool is that there is no particular way of performing tasks in Salesforce. For each set of conditions, there could be more than one solution. The Salesforce administrator needs to think creatively to ensure that the chosen solution meets all the given requirements. reports that the basic salary of a Salesforce administrator in the US ranges from 50 000 to 130 000 dollars with an average of 82 000 dollars as of July 222nd, 2015.
  1. Salesforce Architect

According to a report by a  business insider article titled “The Best Skills to Have on a Tech Resume,” it described Salesforce Architect as the most helpful skill amongst the job titles. It has the highest salary pay, ranging from 180 000 to 200 000 dollars. The Salesforce architect job role is at the highest level in the Salesforce CRM since there were only 100 certified Salesforce architects worldwide as of 2014. The job function of a Salesforce technical architect requires dexterity with web services, different web development languages, in-depth knowledge of various business processes utilized by the organization and the entire Salesforce platform.

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  1. Salesforce consultant

The consistent increase in the client base of the Salesforce CRM has brought about a rise in the need for Salesforce consultants as companies need them for general implementation plans. Salesforce consultants are the principal resources in a business organization as they bring value to the business by increasing revenue generation; they also bring value to the customers.  A Salesforce consultant must have a keen business sense and possess a good understanding of the technical attributes and capabilities of the Salesforce platform.

As a Salesforce consultant, you are expected to be proficient with work, develop adequate solutions, and examine the effects that the implemented changes would have on the business, whether positive or negative. You don’t need to know every one of the features on the CRM platform, but he needs to have a deep understanding of how the platform functions and have a full grasp of data flow and distribution on the CRM platform. A competent consultant cherishes the platform and knows how to utilize the various tools offered by Salesforce to solve significant business problems. According to reports from, the typical salary for a Salesforce consultant in The United States is 91 000 dollars, according to information from

  1. Salesforce Project Manager 

As companies and businesses continually implement Salesforce techniques, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for experts who can handle the Salesforce projects. A Salesforce project manager is a person with complete knowledge and understanding of cloud-based computing, data processing, and a good grasp of the Salesforce platform. As a Salesforce project manager, you collaborate with consultants and engineers on various client projects to create a good communication plan and establish continuity through clearly defined processes.

You need to possess Salesforce experience as the Project manager to set expectations and schedule deadlines in line with the business requirements and objectives.

Suppose you are a professional and have a track record of successful projects previously done and a good requirement gathering skill. In that case, you are very likely to be hired as a project manager in a company. The salary of Salesforce project managers falls within the range of 60 000 to 150 000 dollars.

  1. Salesforce Business Analyst 

A Salesforce business analyst analyzes business requirements and converts them into productive Salesforce solutions that can boost the revenue generation of a company. He or she also runs, manages, and evaluates the Salesforce accomplishments within the organization. To become a Salesforce business analyst, you need to enroll in a Salesforce training course to be well-equipped with the knowledge and skill required. To get certified as a professional, you will need to sign up for a Salesforce certification.

Thus far, we have discussed the top six Salesforce Job roles you can take up as a Salesforce enthusiast. If you intend to begin a career in the Salesforce industry, you can consider choosing from one of these job roles and developing yourself in that line. 

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