8 Advantages of LIVE ONLINE training over video based learning:

The direction in which the education starts, will determine the future of the man. Educating one self on a timely manner is very important for self growth as well as career. With the modern technology, online LIVE training is getting popular.

What is LIVE ONLINE training? 

An live online training is led by an instructor to the participants, all located at their own places connected with common meeting software through an internet. The instructor and participants, located anywhere on the globe, use a common meeting link and join the virtual meeting rooms from the devices ( a computer or a smart phone or a tab) connected to internet. The participants are able to view the screen shared by instructor, hear the instructor audio, watch the instructor on web cam, ask questions over audio or chat box.

What is Video based learning or self paced learning?

Video based learning is self paced learning with the recorded videos of subject with no interaction with the trainers. Self-paced training, with ease to access, standardized content and economical prices this type of learning is marketers delight. Self-paced learning also provides luxury gaining access of information and course content. Quality content and video lecturers form an online platform featuring any video lecturing courses taught by different expert instructors with good examples.

The self-paced courses are detailed pre-recorded tutorials which have flexible training methods, exams and assignments scheduled at course –conclusion. The disadvantages are no interaction between instructors and learners.

Now days the e-learning has become the same as the self-paced learning. With many Application softwares like YouTube and other online training websites, everyone will learn online, watching videos or reading PDF’s. Customer education is very important when one form of delivery controls the entire industry. Earlier professor sat before tripod and recorded the lengths of lectures now the self – paced learning or e-learning is delivered in real time.

In experience, now a days many people prefer self-paced training for basic conceptual training and live training for advanced courses.

Advantages of LIVE ONLINE training over video based learning:

Below are the advantages of LIVE online training: 

1. The trainer is LIVE, student and trainer interactions are possible. The student is in a virtual classroom. The student can participate in the LIVE discussions with trainer and other participants in meeting.

2. The questions and doubts are solved by a live trainer, ensuring the continuity in the learning. 

3. In Live online training, there are virtual tools, assignments and course customisations. Live training becomes very effective and has got good reviews and adoption from companies. It also helps for preparation of certification exams and job. Being limited batches and size, the live training have individual attention. The advantages are highly detailed courses and students get interactive sessions. 

4. Considering the geography, course pricing, infrastructure challenges, classroom training is rapidly replaced by the LIVE online training. Efficient moderators, precise scheduling, effective co-ordination and contingency plans and delivery issues play an important role in any model.

5. The live online training and demonstration on the tools, documents is possible. 

6. The live sessions can be recorded and videos can be shared to the students for revision and practice. 

7. With self-paced courses, there is always a chance to procrastination to be learnt which is not possible in live courses. Live training sessions always force to choose the scheduled timings, disciplined learning and helps us to stick to the goals.

8. Every champion needs a mentor. Mentorships speed up your learning and help you commit fewer mistakes. In Live training directly you can take guidance from your mentor. Learning in your own way is also good but takes much time. 

Self-paced courses are an opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime. The disadvantage is lack of instructor for the doubts clarification. This can be surmounted by joining the live training course where instructor teaches and students can ask doubt. It is better to choose online courses always to save the time. 

When one thinks of choosing the online courses the first thing, they would want to focus with the information above is what are the topics covered in that particular area and the table of contents will provide the proper information. One has to choose online courses with more enrollments and ratings. Next important thing is qualitative course. Then consider the access to quizzes, assignments discussions and any other technical support. 

During Live online training, student is exposed to different cultures, meeting people all around the world. With competency combination there is no better time for talent development. When we see through research and survey, a strange mix of people, emotions, logic and reality of education and technology and how it is effecting organizations. The learning paradigm is no exception and has to go through its set of changes which support the career and even retain the talent.

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  1. Many people prefer self-paced learning for basic conceptual training, and live learning for advanced courses training. The advantages of live training are:
    Student trainer interaction is possible
    Questions and doubts are solved then and there.
    Virtual tools, assignments.
    Lower than classroom training cost.
    Live training and demonstration on tools and documents is possible
    Sessions can be recorded and videos can be shared for revision and practice.
    Disciplined learning instead of procrastination for self-paced training.
    Guidance from mentor is possible.

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