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Modularity Driven Testing

What is modularity?

It specifies one part of a module. There is a collection of modules that completes a software application. When we discuss modularity-driven testing, it means specific testing of a particular module. It requires creating test scripts single for all individual modules, executing them, and validating its execution results. As the testing progresses, the individual modules are combined together to make a much bigger unit.

Types of modular driven Framework

  • Test Script modularity framework-

Test scripts modularity framework must have to be compelled to understand for creating scripts which may be represented either module or a function for any application under test. These modules are combined with the purpose of finalizing the complete application.

  • Test library architecture framework- Test library architecture framework is relies on a same concept as mentioned above, the only difference contains within the actual fact that it separates the appliance under test by various procedures. This contains creation of library files namely-SQA basic libraries, API’s, DLL. These library files are enhanced by test scripts.


  • Automation time is definitely decreased to an extent as division modules that reduces the time span.
  • Performance is higher.
  • When building any single component is satisfying to execute and debug the code at the identical time.


There is one main prominent drawback that’s less efficient than other frameworks like keyword and data-driven.

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What is software Modularity?

The software modularity is often splitting of a program into smaller programs with the same standardized interface. Here the microservices even could also be a hot trend now and it’s essentially about the little modules which are ready to be built into a whole software package. This is to notify and also Netflix has the discussion on how they work with microservice architecture and also service oriented architecture. Software modularity has many shares similar definitions as hardware modularity, with a strategic way and functionally clean modules which have met the customer needs and share standardized interfaces. We basically allocate with different functions to software modules then can be implied to the text source code.

Why this could be important?

The software is visiting to be presenting for the customer values of the organization that wants too much faster in development stay further of any competition. With any modularity, we may secure product leadership with many modules which are developed quickly without being locked into a difficult web of other software functions. The second driver is hardware portability. This means we’d be ready to make a move for the software solution from one hardware supplier. Here the electronics like PCB’s consider an example that can reach end-of-life quickly and replace them. We can take advantage of upper and also cheaper hardware when it’s available.

Module driven approach:

This is the approach where all the test cases are analyzed first to be reusable flows are created as functions and stored in external files which are called within the first test scripts when required.

The modular pattern allows the permission for a very simpler and easier-to-follow road map then it rearranges the pieces of functionality into the software testing situations which may be shown in the sorted customer workflows. When we create a modular regression suite that takes time but at the tip of the business will have the entire list of functional areas together with combining points. In this pattern, software testing includes both writing and organizing tests which are extremely effective. Here are the function-specific tests that offer full application test coverage for all the regression testing as addition as a feature.

Its advantages are:

The modular division script allows maintenance very simpler and easier and scalability of the automated test scripts may well be independent to jot down.

Disadvantages are:

Here the data is still hard-coded within the script; the identical action legal test case may not run for different data values without modifying the information after each run.

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