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Selenium Testing: Ensures Optimum Quality While Reducing Cost

In the development phase of any application or program, the quality check is the routine. It ensures to check whether the application is running as per the expected ways or not. However, if you move to complex projects and on a strict deadline, automating the testing becomes inevitable. There are numerous testing tools available in the market, but Selenium is one of the leading testing tools, making your job easier. The below points will show why it is loved by most testers and developers worldwide and the reason for increased demand for Selenium testing training online.

Framework and Language Support

For many developers, while selecting a tool for any project, they will get a common question in the head, i.e., does this tool support the language I know? But in Selenium, you no need to think about those things. It supports all the major programming languages to execute your test cases. All you need to do is writing your test script in your programming language and performing the testing. 

Open Source Tool

Selenium helps to reduce the cost associated with automating the testing. The primary reason for this is it comes with an open-source license. Hence anyone can download and install this package and use it. Due to this reason, many startups and individuals go for Selenium and enjoy the other benefits of Selenium. Even if you are looking for any Automation testing courses online, selenium will be the tool you can see in almost all courses. It is helping numerous developers in conducting the testing for many years because of its cost-effectiveness and reliability. 

Automation Testing Course Selenium

Ease of Implementation

The user-friendly interface of Selenium makes it easy to use and implement. It is the number one tool to execute test cases effectively and effortlessly. You have the option to watch the tests while they are running. The detailed test result report helps take the proper action items to make the program’s necessary changes. And most importantly, it has a vast community, and it helps solve the problem if you encounter while testing the cases. The ease of use also makes the Selenium online courses popular. 

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Selenium supports the refactoring and regrouping of test cases, and these features make it easier to manage the testing more efficiently. It allows the test developers & testers to make a quick fix to the code and helps to reduce the duplication and complications. These features make it easier to maintain than other testing tools. 

Easy to Learn

Automating the testing with Selenium is not a hard thing to master. It is pretty easy to understand since it doesn’t need to write hundreds of pages of algorithms to conduct the testing. The massive community and resources available on the selenium website help to learn this skill even faster. This factor is driving many institutes to roll out Selenium training for beginners.

Frequent Updates

Having a large active community brings a lot of advantages. One of them is it drives to get constant updates. The Selenium community consists of thousands of experts and developers, and they help contribute to the regular updates and new features. And to understand and implement these updates, you are not required to take any specific training. 

Allow Parallel Testing 

The primary objective of conducting automation of testing is to save time and money. In most cases, developers get very little time to execute the testing. In those scenarios parallel testing feature becomes handy. It allows conducting the test cases on hundreds of web browsers simultaneously. And these tests can be conducted remotely as well. This ensures quality testing in less time across all major platforms. It is one of the reasons why we are witnessing huge enrollment for the Online Selenium training course.

Multi-browser and Multi-OS support 

The one selenium script supports all browsers. This feature becomes more beneficial to the developers since creating different scripts can be eliminated if they chose to work with Selenium. It supports all major web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. It also aids you in getting rid of OS dependency. Since the users are not restricted to one uniform OS, you need to conduct testing on all OS. Thankfully, Selenium supports all Operating Systems, including Mac, Unix, and Windows. 

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