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Six Tools For Big Data

The tools of Big data:

  1. Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework for big data. It allows distributed processing of large sets across clusters of computers. It is considered the best big data tool designed to make up from a single server to thousands of machines.

The features are:

  • It uses authentication improvements when using an HTTP proxy server.
  • It is a specification for Hadoop compatible file system effort.
  • It always supports POSIX- style file system extended attributes.
  • It has big data technologies and tools that will provide a robust ecosystem that will be well suited to meet the analytical needs of a developer.
  • It is flexible in the data processing.
  • It is accepted for faster data processing.
  1. Atlas.ti

Atlas.ti is all-in-one research software. This big data analytic tool gives us all in one access to the entire range of platforms. We can use it for any better good quality data analysis and all mixed methods research in academic, market, and user experience research.

The features are:

  • We can export information on each source data.
  • It also offers an integrated way of working with our data.
  • It allows us to rename a code in the Margin area.
  • It helps us to handle projects that contain thousands of documents and coded data segments.
  1. HPCC

HPCC is considered a big data tool created by LexisNexis Risk solution. It delivers on a single platform, a single architecture, and a single programming language for data processing. The features

  • It is a highly efficient big data tool that accomplishes big data tasks with far less code.
  • It is one of the big data processing tools which provides high redundancy and also availability
  • It will only be used for complex data processing on a Thor cluster.
  • Graphical IDE- it eases development, testing, and debugging.
  • It automatically optimizes code for parallel processing.
  • It provides enhance scalability and performance
  • ECL code executes the optimized C++, and it can also extend using C++ libraries.
  1. Storm

Storm is considered a big data open-source computation system. It is one of the big data tools which offers distributed real-time, fault-tolerant processing systems. With real-time computation capabilities.


  • It is the best tool from the big data tools list which is benchmarked as processing one million 100-byte messages per second per node.
  • It is having big data technologies and tools that use parallel calculations that will run across a cluster of machines.
  • It will restart in case a node dies automatically. The worker will be restarted on another node.
  • Storm ensures that each unit of data will be processed at least once or exactly once.
  1. Qubole

Qubole is a big data management platform that is autonomous. It is a big data open source tool that is self-managed, self-optimizing, and allows the data team to focus on business.


  • It has a single platform for each use case
  1. Google Apignee Sense

APIs may produce vulnerable attack surfaces in your organization but they’re necessary for many modern business applications. Google apignee sense is an API protection tool that detects suspicious behavior on an API. It can then use its behavior to automatically protect against an attack. This protection will come against the use of rule-based systems. This flexibility makes Apignee sense one of the top data security tools in 2022.

Features are:

  • Visual risk analytics dashboards
  • Bot ensnaring
  • Blocking and throttling
  • Intelligent risk models

These data security tools will protect against the trending cybersecurity threats coming up in 2022. We can improve our level of protection by managing the data that we use in our databases and applications.


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