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The Secret to Getting a Salesforce Job even in this Down Economy

The Salesforce economy has continually thrived tremendously over the past few years. According to a prediction by IDC, 4.2 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce industry alone in the space of 2019 to 2024. It, therefore, implies that there is vast opportunity in the industry, and you will be making the right decision if you decide to start a new career in the Salesforce economy. Changing one’s career is linked with several obstacles at the start of the new job and potential loss of salary. Nevertheless, Salesforce is different as it is a straightforward career line. It only requires your time and devotion. In this article, we would be discussing critical steps to getting your first Salesforce job.

What is Salesforce?

 Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) product that SaaS aids. SaaS stands for software as a service; it is a term used in cloud computing to refer to services provided via web browsers or apps. Typical examples of SaaS include Gmail, Netflix, Dropbox, and Spotify. All business enterprises across the globe have one form of CRM or the other. Salesforce deals with handling the relationships and engagements between a company and its customers. It takes a record of your customer’s persona, the products they purchase as well as the conversations you’ve had with them.

Small businesses such as small retail stores or laundry shops make use of small notebooks for recording customer activities like outstanding payments, goods to be delivered, customer name and address, etc. Likewise, large businesses and companies also make use of CRM software to serve the same purposes. Salesforce is the foremost CRM software with significant market dominance. Its products include marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, and others which assist companies in relating effectively with their customers.

Why Should You Choose A Salesforce Career?

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Increasing Demand

With the rising need for companies and business enterprises to set up an effective customer relationship, Salesforce professionals are now in high demand. The existing number of Salesforce professionals out there is insufficient to meet up with the increasing demand. It, therefore, follows that you have high chances of easily securing a job in the Salesforce field.

High income earning

It is no longer news that technology-related jobs are high-paying. Salesforce professionals are usually well-paid because of their importance in any company or business organization. A company with poor customer relationships will experience difficulties in making sales, which will affect the company’s general growth and development. Hence, Salesforce professionals are highly cherished in the company, and their efforts are well appreciated both in cash and in-kind.

 Flexible work schedule

As cloud-based software, most of the Salesforce job roles tend to be carried out remotely. You can enjoy flexibility with work activities.

How to Secure Your First Salesforce Job

To successfully get a job in the Salesforce field, there are several steps that you need to take. We would look at them one after the other.

  1. Understand the concept

If you are genuinely convinced about taking up a career in the Salesforce field, the first for you is to get a grasp of what Salesforce entails. You need to ask yourself these questions: what is Salesforce all about? Why are companies employing Salesforce professionals? How can I meet clients’ expectations? Why do companies acquire Salesforce software?  

Some folks who have a background in the tech field might already have answers to these questions, but for others who don’t, you need to understand how software systems help businesses flourish and provide improved customer service. You might probably think that learning the technical aspect of Salesforce is easier than the business aspect. However, having a good understanding of how to utilize the software products in establishing a robust automated system that supports company growth is more crucial. You also need to understand how Salesforce solves the business requirements of a company.

  1. Engage in online pieces of training

There are several Salesforce pieces of training that you can partake in such as, Salesforce administrator training and Salesforce admin certification training. But there’s much more to that; it will fascinate you to know that there are sites out there where you can learn all that you want to know about Salesforce. A perfect example of such a site is You can begin acquiring knowledge about Salesforce via various training sections on the site. 

  1. Obtain a Salesforce Certificate

As we have discussed earlier, it is essential to acquire knowledge about Salesforce and apply it to benefit a company. Nonetheless, knowledge alone is not sufficient to get you your first Salesforce job. It would help if you had credibility, and the best form of credibility, in this case, is to obtain a certificate in the field. You need to get certified by enrolling in a Salesforce certification program. Your certificate testifies to the job recruiter or employer that you are genuinely qualified for the job. It also shows that you have spent quality time and money developing yourself for the job. Again, if you are looking for a reputable platform to register for a Salesforce certification course, you can check out

  1. Get some experience

It is worthy of note that in some cases, having a Salesforce certificate alone might not qualify you for the job. Especially for top Salesforce job roles. Frequently, in addition to your certificate, the employer or job recruiter requires that you have some years of experience in the job role you are applying for. Now, this might sound crazy. You are probably thinking, “How can I get experience when I don’t even have a job yet?”

Well, there are a couple of ways you could do that. While learning about Salesforce, you can adopt a creative approach by identifying problems and creating solutions accordingly. You can do this by volunteering to work with a non-profit organization. Here your aim is not to work for money; instead, you are developing your skills in the profession as well as gaining experience over time. You can also embark on some real-life projects; you are still developing your skills doesn’t mean that you can’t try your hands on some projects. On identifying a problem, you can put together some requirements and build a prototype solution. When you complete a project, it can add to your experience and achievements in Salesforce.

The bottom line is, the Salesforce industry is growing tremendously with an increasing need for more professionals. You can tap into this opportunity by applying these steps as discussed in this tutorial. 

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