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Types of mobile application testing:

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  1. Functional Mobile Application Testing: It confirms that the application is working as per the requirements. Most of the tests conducted are to check user interface and call flow. The functional behaviour of the different features of mobile applications are tested to check their expected behaviour.
  1. Laboratory Testing: This type of testing is done by network carriers and for simulating the complete wireless networks. This test is used to find any errors when mobile application uses voice or data for its functions.
  1. Performance Testing: This test is done to check the performance of the application such as bad network, low coverage, low memory. Performance can be affected from two sides, that is, either from application server side and client server side.
  1. Memory leakage testing: It happens when mobile application is unable to manage the memory. The memory allocated during the execution of program is not released due to incorrect programming. This results in poor performance and slows down of the system.
  1. Interruption testing: The mobile application may functions face some interruptions like incoming calls and network coverage outage and recovery. In interruption testing, the ability of the application to handle the interruption is tested
  1. Usability testing: Usability is done to check whether the application is achieving its goals and is getting favourable responses from the user. The mobile application is expected to be user friendly.
  1. Installation testing: This testing is done to verify that any installation of the application in the device goes smoothly without any difficulty.
  1. Certification testing: To get certificate every mobile device has to be tested with different platforms.
  1. Black box testing: The tester tests the functionality of the application without knowing the internal coding logic of the application.



  1. Explain any other types of mobile testing?
  2. What are the advantages of mobile testing?
  3. How different is the mobile testing from other testing?
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