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Python vs Javascript: Which to Choose

Python and Javascript are two common programming languages for web development. In this tutorial, we will do an unbiased comparison between the two languages. In case, you’ve wanted to learn a programming language and you’re not sure which to go for. By the end of the tutorial, you will have ample information to make the right decision among python vs javascript based on your needs. 

Specifically, this is what you’d learn in this tutorial. 

  • What is Javascript
  • What is Python
  • Features of Javascript
  • Features of Python
  • Head-to-head comparison between Javascript and Python
  • Applications of Javascript
  • Applications of Python
  • Advantages of Javascript
  • Advantages of Python
  • Demerits of Javascript
  • Demertis of Python

Let’s dive in

What is Javascript

Javascript is a scripting language used to make websites and web applications interactive. If you don’t know what a scripting language is, it is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do without the user’s manual input. A scripting language is another kind of programming language, Javascript being one of the most popular. 

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Anytime you see a website reload automatically, or you see a nice or some automatic reloading based on your input, then know that a scripting language is involved. 

Javascript is a client-based language and that implies that it does not need to interact with the server before it can run. Javascript is mostly used with other technologies such as XML, Node js, REST APIs, and so on. 

What is Python

Python is a high-level dynamically typed programming language that is used for various purposes such as software testing, machine learning, web development, hacking, etc.

The programming language has built-in data types, structures, objects and has a library that can be reused to create quick web applications. 

There are also a lot of open-source projects on GitHub that can be reused. When you do not have to reinvent the wheel every single time. Python has an easy syntax that focuses on simplicity and readability. Some say python codes can be read like plain English making it a choice language for beginners.

Features of Javascript

  • Javascript is a dynamically-typed programming language. That means that a variable can store objects of various data types. 
  • Javascript is lightweight. Javascript is not a general-purpose language and is also a client-side language, hence it is relatively lightweight. 
  • Javascript supports Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Javascript does not depend on any platform. This implies that a code written on a platform can be run anywhere.
  • Javascript rather uses prototypes and not classes.
  • Javascript is used basically for client-side validation and not server-side.
  • Javascript is an interpreted language. This means that codes are run line by line. 

Features of Python 

  • Python is an interpreter which means codes are run line by line.
  • Python can be run on many hardware facilities with the same interface.
  • The learning curve of python is gentle. Suitable for complete freshers in programming.
  • Python provides a structure for small as well as large codes to be run.
  • Python has an interactive shell that allows you to do a test and debug your program.
  • It is a high-performing programming language.
  • Python allows you to integrate low-level libraries into its interpreter.
  • You can integrate other programming languages such as C, C++, or Java.

Head-to-head Comparison between Javascript and Python.

MutabilityIn Javascript, there is no such thing as mutable or immutable typesThere are mutable and immutable data types in Python
NumbersJavascript has just one data type for numbers, floats.Ints, Floats, etc are various data types for numbers in Python
Encoding formatJavascript is primarily encoded as UTF-16 and does not support the tweaking raw bytesUnless you are specifying an encoding type, Python source is encoded in ASCII by default
ModulesJavascript does not have as many modulesThere are a wide range of modules in Python
Inheritance INheritance is prototype-basedInheritance is class-based
SyntaxCodes are classified with curly bracesPython uses indentation
Attributes and PropertiesObjects in Javascript have properties with some attributes and allows you to specify the propertyYou can define an attribute in Python using the getter and setter functions. 

Applications of Javascript

  • Javascript is used to build interactive websites and web applications
  • You can build a scalable and secure application with Javascript
  • Javascript can be used for presentations like a website
  • Javascript is used for dynamic single-page applications
  • MongoDB, Express js,Node.js are all server-based technologies that used Javascript
  • AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, etc are all client-based technologies that use Javascript

Applications of Python

  • Python can be used for hacking
  • Python can be used for building GUI applications
  • Python can be used to create websites and web applications
  • Python can be used to process XML files 
  • Python can be used for machine learning and deep learning
  • You can use Python for software unit testing 
  • Fast prototyping web scripting can also be done with Python

Advantages of Javascript

  • Javascript is a client-side language. This reduces the load on the server and saves bandwidth.
  • Codes are executed relatively faster in Javascript
  • Javascript can be used to created exception functionalities to your web pages
  • Learning Javascript is easy. Its syntax was designed almost like plain English. 
  • You can easily test and debug your Javascript codes 
  • You can extend Javascript to write long and powerful codes. 
  • You don’t need a compiler in Javascript as it is an interpreter language

Advantages of Python

  • Python supports Object-Oriented Programming
  • Python codes are easy to read, write and learn. Its syntax is like plain English
  • Python can be used to create powerful applications
  • Python is a general-purpose
  • SInce codes are run line by line, errors are easier to fix. 
  • Python is free and open-source
  • Python has a lot of libraries that can be used on the go
  • Python runs on multiple OS such as macOS, Windows, Linus
  • It is a portable language

Demerits of Javascript

  • For security reasons, reading and writing of files are not allowed in Javascript.
  • It is not advisable to use Javascript for applications that deal with networking. The support is not much for these applications.
  • You can do multiprocessing or multithreading in Javascripts.

Demerits of Python

  • Python is way slower than Go or any C family programming language.
  • Python is not so great for mobile development.
  • Its database access has limitations.
  • Python is not the best choice for memory-intensive tasks as its dynamic typing feature would consume a lot of memory.

In conclusion, the question of which to choose will be based on your preference. If have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, then Javascript is a valuable addition. However, if you do not wish to use the programming skill necessary for web development, then you can use Python. 

It’s your call. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop your question in the comment section below and I’d do my best to answer them. 

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