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Your guide to becoming a Tableau Expert

Tableau is a very popular data visualization and business intelligence tool. Now, what exactly is data visualization? It is a way of presenting data in a form that is appealing to and easily understandable even to a non-technical person. It uses graphs, charts, tables in a colorful and visually appealing way. As a result, the viewer can get the whole picture easily and can quickly make a decision.

Skills needed to learn Tableau:

Before you begin your Tableau training, you need to be in command of certain skills. These are both of a technical and non-technical nature. For technical skills, you should be able to understand the format and source of the data. You should know how to create a visualization using various filters, parameters, etc.

As for the non-technical skills, you should have an analytical mind with a problem-solving approach. You must also be a peoples person as you will be interacting with different people possessing a diverse spectrum of skills and expertise.

Tableau Certification:

Tableau certification is a way to learn all about Tableau and how it works. It shows how much you have accomplished in it and what is your level of understanding. Tableau certification focuses more on performance-based learning rather than theory. It equips you to apply your knowledge in a real-time work environment rather than just being bookish about it.

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There are different levels of Tableau all covering different areas and aspects of Tableau. You can choose the course that resonates well with your professional needs and prior knowledge of the subject.

How rewarding is it to learn Tableau?

The use of data has grown manifold in organizations. To understand and interpret this data, extract what is important for the user and present it in a visually appealing format makes the position of tableau expert inevitable. To enhance their professional outlook, they can learn additional skills like Python, R language, predictive data modeling, database programming, etc.

Starting your Tableau journey:

Once you have downloaded and installed your Tableau software, it is time to start exploring it according to your needs. Please note that Tableau offers five different versions of its program for different levels of users’ needs. Some require payment while some don’t.

To learn Tableau, you can join the free online and live classroom (paid) programs offered by Tableau. They are the best resource to start acquainting yourself with Tableau.

Becoming a Tableau expert:

You can start your journey to become a tableau expert by following these steps;

Dive into data and practice:

The first is to start working on large and clean data sets and begin its visualization. There are tableau workbooks provided in the tableau public gallery. These workbooks contain all the important data visualization sheets and data extracts. You can use the filters, graphs, and formulas given there.

Join community groups:

There are hundreds of online Tableau community groups. These groups are populated by tableau experts, data visualization artists, and hobbyists. You can find tons of information and help by joining them. By interacting with experts you will increase your understanding of the subject and start learning more quickly.

Read a book:

Nothing beats a good, old book to learn anything on any subject. Tableau is no exception. There are a plethora of books available on this subject. You can search online for the best available title or ask for it from the community of experts who can recommend one for you. It will broaden your horiz and introduce you to new concepts and ideas.

All these steps will help you learn Tableau faster and become an expert on the subject. You can use all of them simultaneously for the best results.

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