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How artificial intelligence will revolutionize Jobs in Future

What is Artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI), is the ability of computers to learn, see and communicate like humans. It involves the development and construction of advanced machines to perform tasks that are originally carried out by humans. Artificial intelligence aims to gradually substitute human labor with machines. 

The backbone of artificial intelligence is machine learning. The term machine learning is self-explanatory. It implies that we want to make machines learn and make decisions like humans. That is, developing machines to learn from experience based on available data, rather than programming them to function in a particular manner.   

Machine learning can be subdivided into two key aspects:

  1. To use algorithms to find meaning in random and uncoordinated data
  2. Learning algorithms to find the relationship between that data and to improve that learning process

The overall goal of machine learning is to improve the machine’s performance at certain tasks. Machine learning training is a major course in Artificial intelligence. 

Merits of Artificial Intelligence

Imagine ten years from now, when we are autonomously constructing a space station at mars, your car is driving you to work. Also, in hospitals across the globe, scientists are using AI to find mutations in human DNA data basis and to find cures for diseases.

Statistics carried out on autonomous cars show that for every 1.92 million miles driven by self-driving cars, they only experience 1 accident, comparing that to human drivers where we see 1 accident for every 492000 miles we drive. This means that AI-powered cars are almost four times safer than their human counterpart.

Artificial intelligence will give us the power to probe the universe and humanity with a different approach. AI has the potential of forever changing our humanity. In the long run, AI will not replace biological intelligence yet, it will enhance our lives and enhance our future. Hence taking artificial intelligence certification online is a worthwhile step that will pay off later in the future.

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize jobs in the future in the following areas:

Diabetic Retinopathy: 

This is a condition where your eye, nerves, and blood vessels suffer from damage as a result of complications from diabetes. A certain component of AI known as computer vision has been developed and trained to help doctors diagnose the condition using images of the eye. After accessing the results of the diagnostic algorithm capability, it was found that it was able to achieve 95% accuracy. That’s far above the performance of human doctors. Also, it only took months to train this algorithm on the data. It takes a doctor 30 years of schooling and specialized training to perform this type of diagnosis.

Commercial drivers: 

Taxi drivers, bus drivers, uber drivers, truck drivers, and delivery drivers are all on the verge of complete automation. Statistics have shown that, in the US alone, there 15.5 million trucks and 2 million tractor-trailers on the road. The truck industry has employed 14 million people out of which 10 million are drivers. These are the people who are going to be pushed out first because a self-driving truck doesn’t need to stop for rest, it is attentive to the road 24/7 and we already have the technology. This is already backed by the government in Germany and they are betting hard on self-driving trucks. Also, Tesla new developments show that its next generation of cars will be 100% autonomous. Elon musk himself agrees that it will take us 1 to 2 years to get the tack right and then 3 more to get the government to approve it. Major car manufacturers are headed towards electric and self-driven cars and those who won’t will be left behind. In the nearest future, riding in a car will be like getting in an elevator, you just press a button and it takes you to wherever you want to go. 


Farming was huge when it came to employment numbers back in the days. This has changed dramatically as farming activities are already being automated with few individuals specially trained to operate heavy machinery from the comfort of their office via wireless connections. Back in the day, you needed to physically measure your plot of land, needed human labor to weed it out, and another set of people to harvest and transport the end products to where it’s needed, how we measure things with drones and or satellite imagery. Planting and harvesting can be done in a small fraction of the time it used to, thanks to specialized hardware and the trucks carrying them will be self-driven very soon. Bearing the title of a farmer in the near future will be as highly ranked as a banker or hedge fund manager since there will only be a handful of people having the oligopoly when it comes to what we eat.

Printers and publishers: 

The newspaper is dead, traditional media is suffering as the internet is eating up everything. You no longer need to get your news on papers, you get them on Twitter or live streams as they are happening. Information is now free.

Manufacturing workers:

When the industrial revolution hit, all the people working the field moved to work factories, handcrafting the machines that will make our lives easier. In the process and with the advancement in technology, these same people were put in charge of building machines that build other machines that will eliminate the need for humans. A fun thing to do would be to compare the way cars were built less than a hundred years ago in the factories of Volkswagen and how they build today. In the past, several humans were working jointly to arrive at the end product. Well today, we see simple software do the job.  


The banking sector is gradually evolving. These days we check our account balance on our smartphones, the people on payroll get their money delivered to their account automatically without the need to manually and physically fill a form with details. If you want to withdraw cash, you go to an ATM, you can open a bank account to most banks in the world online, only when you are looking for specialized services that you might need to meet in person and you can even do that via video call.


The military sector is highly sensitive to innovation. It is the first to embrace it and deploy it. Back in the days, wars were decided by who has the highest number of troops, today it’s a technology play. You no longer see people holding bayonets and riding horses to battle because that will be inefficient. Drones can hit a target more efficiently than any human could without endangering the life of the pilot who is sitting comfortably in the chair on the other side of the world. There’s still a need for human soldiers, but not as we do them, these are the special squads. The best of the best are deployed only when there’s no other technology at play.


The role of an accountant is to go through your raw data and organize it. AI engineers are already developing algorithms and software that can handle these data conveniently.

Stock traders:

 According to the study by Bloomberg analysts in late 2015, it was discovered that only 10% of the stock traded on a daily basis was traded by actual humans and investors, the rest are BOTs. Whenever there’s money, someone will try to automate it and get an edge against their competitors. The stock market is occupied with people with very huge funds, large enough to cover any expenses.

Movie stars: 

Have you been thinking that automation cannot affect movie stars? You might just be wrong. Human actors are really expensive and like most humans, their lives have ups and downs. When you are investing a couple hundred million dollars in production or even more, you wouldn’t want that particular project to be influenced by an individual. More and more blockbusters are animations because those characters do not age and can be easily monetized. What about big movies? Pick any iron man movie, Robert Downey Jnr. is less on screen than his CGI counterpart. So enough actors would start selling 3D rendering of their persona to big tech companies and there will be no need for them to show up on set. They will just generate them in the scene.

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