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Automation testing tools always used to enhance the productivity of the product and improve the accuracy. We can reduce the time and cost of the application by writing the scripts of tests in any programming language. Here we have various types of automation testing tools available in the market. Some of the most used automation testing tools are as follows:

  1. Selenium

It is open source and widely used automation testing tool. This tool is used to help test scripts can be written in any programming language such as java, python and  many more.


The characteristics of selenium are

  • This tool is more popular because of its various features. 
  • selenium supports only web-based application, which means that the application can be opened by the browser or by Gmail.
  • Selenium does not support a standalone application which means that the application is not opened in the browser.
  • Selenium web driver is the latest tool in the selenium community which removes all the possible drawbacks of the previous tool.
  • Selenium web driver is powerful because it supports multiple programming language, various browsers and different operating systems.
  1. Watir

Watir stands for web applications testing tools in ruby which is in ruby programming language. It is also testing in ruby. It is a web application tool which is open source and supports cross-browser testing tool and interacts with a platform where a human who can validate the text.


The characteristics are

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Following are the features of Watir testing tools:

  • It supports variety of browsers on different platforms like Google chrome, Opera, Firefox.
  • This is a lightweight and powerful tool.
  • We can easily download the test file and UI
  • Once we completed we can take the screenshots in case of testing, which helps us to keep track of the intermediate testing.
  • This tool has inbuilt libraries which helps us to check the alerts, browser windows, page-performance.

3.  QTP

QTP tool is used to functional regression test cases of web-based application. It stands for Quick Test Professional and now it is known as Micro Focus UFT (Unified functional testing). This is very supportive for the new test engineer because they can know this tool in a few minutes. QTP is designed based on the scripting language like VB script to automate the application. The main feature of this tool is it records and palyback.


RANOREX testing tool is easy for beginners it is all-in-one tool for cross platform test automation. It can go code less click-and-go interface but powerful for automation experts with full IDE.


Features are

  • It is robust object identification for reliable tests and reduced maintenance.
  • Here there  object can  share repository and reusable code modules
  • cross-browser testing
  • Automates challenging interface interfaces like SAP, ERP and legacy application.
  • Run tests in parallel and distribute on a selenium Grid.
  • It should have built-in Reporting.

Ranorex studio handles everything from the desktop applications and has support for broadcast technologies in the test automation industry. It is developed in C#, Java, Delphi to HTML5 web applications as well as native iOS, Android apps.

It is identifiable UI elements to the central object repository. From there you can items in the recording action and table or code based test module.

  1. Lambda Test

It is cloud based automation testing tool for desktop and mobile application. This is a tool allows manual and also cross browser testing applications.lambda test allows testers to record real time browser compatibility testing. This lambda test provides integration with several CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis CI etc. It also enables the screen recording and automated screenshot testing on several combinations at a time. check selenium automation testing course details



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